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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Marty Petraitis

IBM i Fax Solution for Blade Servers

IBM i Fax Solution for Blade Servers So you’re excited about moving your IBM i applications to the latest and greatest hardware technology, an IBM i blade server.  Your hardware…

It’s Great To Be a Superhero!

The summer is now in full swing and Hollywood has launched several blockbuster movies that have superhero themes. I know this well having three children under the age of 12….

The sum of the parts

We’ve all heard that the sum of all parts is greater than each individual piece, but what does that really mean to process technology? Let’s take this Independence Day weekend…

Can you afford to take the risk?

Although we all hear about Disaster Recovery, for many of us it doesn’t resonate. It especially seems foreign when your geographic location rarely experiences any out of the ordinary weather…