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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Getting to Know Us

Happy Thanksgiving from Quadrant Software

Thanksgiving is the time of year where we all reflect on what we are most grateful for. ¬†Our customers come immediately to mind when we focus on gratitude. As always,…

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene
Last weekend Hurricane Irene struck our area with brute force. Trees down, power is out, and a lot of cleanup is ahead of us, but thankfully our office in…

When I First started my Career

When I First started my Career
I always laugh when I get those emails about “When I was a kid”
– I had to walk in the snow to school uphill both…

Be The Program

Be The Program
Years ago I was hired right out of the Air Force by an MRP software company. I was one of 12 in an RPG training program taught on…

Green in Tech Support

Green in Tech Support
Webster defines green as many things including pleasantly alluring, fresh and new, and tending to preserve environmental quality. Quadrant Software’s document creation and delivery solutions for IBM…

It’s Great To Be a Superhero!

The summer is now in full swing and Hollywood has launched several blockbuster movies that have superhero themes. I know this well having three children under the age of 12….

The sum of the parts

We’ve all heard that the sum of all parts is greater than each individual piece, but what does that really mean to process technology?
Let’s take this Independence Day weekend as…

Can you afford to take the risk?

Although we all hear about Disaster Recovery, for many of us it doesn’t resonate. It especially seems foreign when your geographic location rarely experiences any out of the ordinary weather…


After watching the IBM video on it’s 100 year anniversary last week, I walked away with the word innovation floating around in my head, and the constant thought of “How…

Happy 100th Birthday IBM!

This week IBM celebrated its 100 year anniversary. WOW…how many companies are still in business after 100 years? How many companies have the track record of innovation that IBM has…