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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


IBM i to Excel – 3 Easy Ways to Create Spreadsheets

IBM i Data to Spreadsheets Webinar

3 Easy Ways to Create Spreadsheets from IBM i Data


Is your IT staff's time being wasted with endless requests to get IBM i data into…

Spool Files 2.0 Webinar: Modernize Your IBM i Document Design and Distribution

IBM i Spool File Modernization Webinar

Modernize Your IBM i Document Design and Distribution


Do you still print and manually distribute IBM i spool files as plain text, non-branded and poorly formatted…

IBM i Business Intelligence Webinar: Top 3 ways to modernize your IBM i reporting

IBM i Business Intelligence Webinar

Top 3 Ways to Modernize your IBM i Reporting


If your organization still relies on legacy green screens or Query/400 for reporting, users can't access their…

Formtastic Lunch and Learn Series – IBM i Document Modernization for ERPS, Check and Labels

Join us next week for a three-part Lunch and Learn series where you'll learn how Formtastic, Quadrant Software's IBM i Document Modernization solution, can integrate with your ERP system to…

Webinar – Protecting Your Critical Document Output System from Disaster

Check out our recent webinar replay on Document Output Management Disaster Recovery planning.

Unplanned IT downtime is a very expensive problem for today’s businesses, with an estimated average of more than…

Webinar – Top 5 Reasons You Should Implement a New Forms Solution

Check out this 30-minute webinar to learn what you should look for in an IBM i forms solution. We will highlight the top 5 reasons your current solution isn’t giving you all of the features you need. Hear about a customer deployment and the drivers that lead to their decision to switch forms solutions. Continue reading