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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Nice Form! Quadrant Boosts Automation and Control in Formtastic

In this IT Jungle article, Alex Woodie highlights the new features in Formtastic 5.4.5 Service Pack 6, including automatic purges and document change management.

According to Alex, "Organizations that rely on…

Quadrant and BCD’s First Monthly Newsletter – June 25th, 2014

The Upper Quadrant – June Edition 2014

Formtastic Learns New Barcode Tricks

Alex Woodie, IT Jungle – Four Hundred Stuff Quadrant Software says it added support for two new barcode formats and one new automated payment format to Formtastic, its document management…

Quadrant Launches New Fax Appliance

Alex Woodie, IT Jungle – Four Hundred Stuff Quadrant Software went virtual with last year's launch of QuadraDocV, which was designed to provide IBM i shops and other companies with…

Quadrant Touts Replacement for Withdrawn IBM Domino Fax for i5/OS

Alex Woodie, IT Jungle – Four Hundred Stuff
IBM i customers who are looking for a replacement for IBM Domino Fax for i5/OS may want to check out the FastFax migration…

Quadrant Software Launches Customer Outreach Initiative

MCPress – CIO News
Quadrant Software, a provider of electronic document distribution (EDD) solutions for the IBM i enterprise, makes customer satisfaction a top priority with the launch of numerous customer…

Corporate Check Security – Preventing Fraud While Achieving Process Improvement

TMCNet, Financial Tech Spotlight

Check fraud at the corporate level has reached epidemic proportions with losses ranging between $10 and $14 billion per year in the U.S. alone, according to recent…

Fax and Security: An Often Unaddressed Question

TMCNet, Juliana Kenny

I’m willing to bet that the average person does not really spend time thinking about how secure his or her faxes are, and what kinds of risks are…

Quadrant Picks Up Roto-Rooter’s Document Delivery

System iNews – Private i
With news that support was ending for IBM Domino Fax for i, Roto-Rooter (, the largest plumbing and drain-cleaning services provider in North America, needed a…

The Difference in Fax Use on the Other Side of the Pond

TMCNet, Juliana Kenny
A recent survey by Intel (News – Alert) revealed that 40 percent of small businesses in the U.K. are still using fax machines. As we love to discuss…