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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Software Firms Partner to Cut Invoicing Time for Transportation Companies

Transport Topics
Quadrant Software on Monday announced a partnership with document imaging company Real Vision Software to reduce invoicing time for transportation and distribution companies.
The companies have launched the Mobile Signature…

Quadrant Software and RVI form partnership to launch Mobile Signature Capture System

Provider of Document Output Management (DOM) Quadrant Software announced on Monday its partnership with Real Vision Software (RVI), a Louisiana-based provider of document imaging solutions, to introduce its Mobile Signature…

RVI and Quadrant Debut Remote Signature Capture for iPads

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie
Real Vision Software (RVI) and Quadrant Software this week are unveiling a new iOS and IBM i-based signature capture solution that dramatically reduces the time it takes to…

Document Management Roll-up

CMSWire, David Roe
Document output management vendor Quadrant has announced a partnership with Real Vision Software, a Louisiana-based provider of document imaging solutions, to launch its Mobile Signature Capture System.
The Mobile Signature…

Citizen Finds Cyber Monday Success with Quadrant

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie
In the cutthroat retail business, one company’s IT challenge is another’s opportunity. So when clothing retailer Kohl’s presented Citizen Watch Company with new document requirements to be used…

Lowly Fax Still Essential to Business, Study Says

IT Jungle, Alex Woodie
You can add one more item to the list of man’s creations that were supposed to have died out by now but hasn’t: the fax machine. When it…

Citizen Watch Ships In Time For The Holidays

Retail Solutions Online, Bob Johns
Citizen Watch Company Of America sells exclusively through relationships with top retailers. As these retailers are increasing sales online, Citizen is being asked to handle online orders…

Roto Rooter Transitions to Quadrant Software’s Fax Solution

TMCNet, Juliana Kenny
The fax industry experienced a number of intriguing changes over the last year including advancements in the fax-over-IP and Smart FoIP sectors. Some fax providers made adjustments to their…

Fast Company highlights Quadrant CEO, Steve Woodard

FastCompany, Kaihan Krippendorf
Kaihan Krippendorf highlights Steve Woodard, CEO of Quadrant and Softbase in his Fast Company blog post. The article gives advice on “how to pivot faster than your competition”, which discusses how Steve manages…

Quadrant And Mainline Seal Partner Deal

IT Jungle, Dan Burger
QuadrantSoftware, makers of document management and fax products for IBM i and other platforms, and MainlineInformation Systems, one of the largest resellers of IBM Power Systems, mainframes, and System x machines in the…