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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


QDV/FastFax Demo

View our FastFax/QDV demo below.


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Browser Interface for QDV and FastFax

We added a very nice, easy to use web interface for QDV and FastFax where you can send, receive, route and manage your faxes. Check out the 5-minute overview below…

Webinar – Protecting Your Critical Document Output System from Disaster

Check out our recent webinar replay on Document Output Management Disaster Recovery planning.

Unplanned IT downtime is a very expensive problem for today’s businesses, with an estimated average of more than…

Disaster Recovery Options for your Document Output Management System

Protecting Your Production Document Output From Catastrophe

Unplanned IT downtime is a very expensive problem for today’s businesses. Implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for critical business functions is essential for…

IBM Domino Fax for i Replacement

Watch this video to learn about a truly integrated solution for migrating from Domino Fax for i. Hear about Roto Rooter’s experience and discover how to reduce the risk of…

Why Quadrant Software?

Watch this video to learn the benefits for using Quadrant Software’s Document Output Management (DOM) solutions for IBM i.

Nursery Success Video

Don Abramson from Shemin Nursery discusses his experience with Quadrant Software and how FastFax, Formtastic, and Formtastic Checks have helped his company save.

United Rentals Success Video

Quadrant Software customer, Peter Turlis from United Rentals, explains how FastFax is used within their company and the success they’ve had with the solution.

System21 (GEAC) & Quadrant Software: The Right Choice For Bowman Distribution


Bowman Distribution, a business unit of the Barnes Group, needed a cost control technology that included an automated fax solution that integrated with Bowman's application vendor System21 (GEAC).


FastFax seamlessly integrates…

Children’s Medical Center Success


The Children's Medical Center had been a FastFax user for several years. They took on a new transcription product called Arrendale, which dramatically increased the number of faxes they were…