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Check Clustering in Formtastic Checks – Tech Tip

The tech tip below was written as a result of a customer email we received. If you have technical questions you'd like for us to address in a future blog post, please contact us at

Question: I have a 900 page spool file that takes too long to print on a single printer. What are my options for speeding this up? I don't want to spend a whole day printing checks.

This isn't hard to do and it's a very useful tip, especially if you need to save time printing a big job. What we're going to do is set up check clustering in Formtastic Checks using distribution lists.

Step 1 – Start at the Formtastic Main Menu and choose Option 3 – Checks.
Step 2 – And now choose Option 7 – Distribution Lists
Step 3 – Create a distribution list by entering a 'Create' option (1) next to 'CHKDST'.
Step 4 – Now assign your output queues using the value '1' for each COPY NBR.
Step 5 – Hit 'Enter' to update the record.
Step 6 – Merge checks to the newly created distribution list named CHECKDST

The Formtastic Merge program will now distribute the number of checks to be printed over multiple output queues as defined in the distribution list.

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