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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Dean Foods Success


Dean Foods needed to find an automated fax and forms solution with the muscle to handle a weekly workload of 100 invoices, 200 sales order acknowledgements, and 30 purchase orders being produced by their JD Edwards World software.


Using Formtastic, Dean Foods personnel digitally creates customized purchase orders, sales order acknowledgements, and invoices. Once created, the documents are distributed via FastFax.  In addition, Quadrant Software's FastFax World Integration Module allows their users to fax purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, work orders, and quotes in batch and interactively. The module adds functionality to the J.D. Edwards Address Book by providing a FastFax recipient file that lets the end user choose the default recipient for certain documents, as well as how the document should be created and delivered–fax, email,or print. End users are able to create and send from their World application screens with no need for additional training.


"Without automatic faxing, personnel would manually fax and manually control orders, invoices, and acknowledgements. Obviously, errors would happen. Using FastFax, purchase orders are automatically faxed to suppliers and sales order acknowledgements are automatically faxed to customers with no chance of error."

"Formtastic creates a better presentation to our customers and prevents operations from changing preprinted forms and printing documents in batch instead of on demand. We don't have to worry about replenishing paper in printers or using special paper."

"The price performance level of these solutions is very strong, we are satisfied."

Richard Welling, Project Manager, Dean Foods

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