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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Fastfax (180)

Can we prevent someone from signing onto our iSeries using the FFXSYS profile and not stop the FastFax processor from connecting and processing fax jobs?

Yes. Change the FFXSYS profile and set the Initial Menu to be *SIGNOFF. This will prevent users from utilizing this profile to get onto your iSeries and will not…

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QuadraConnector (11)

Why is Quadrant Software replacing my existing Email Gateway which works fine?

There are several reasons, firstly, the existing Email gateway for Lotus Notes no longer functions for Lotus Notes versions later than version 8.0.2 due to Lotus support of the API…

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Formtastic (49)

We have a spool file that only prints data on the first half of the page on two separate pages. We would like to combine 2 half pages and put it on 1 Form Page. Is this possible using Formtastic?

Formtastic cannot move spool data from one page to another. We can only map spool data one page at a time to that form. However, FORMATTER (an optional…

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Automerge (8)

How do I increase the number of automerge jobs I can run?

In the FTASTIC subsystem, go to the FTTOOLS menu and take option 40, ‘Create/Repair Formtastic Subsystem’. You can define up to 99 total jobs to run in the FTASTIC…

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copies (1)

Within a form merge, is there a way to override the pre-set number of copies created for a user with a customized number of copies? One time the user may want 1 copy and another time the user may want 3 copies.

Yes. Use the MRGFRMSPL (Merge Form with Spool File) command in a CL program. From there, pass the number of copies in and load a variable that is to be…

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Email (29)

I’m moving to Exchange 2003 server. I’d would like to know how to move our E-Mail Gateway to the new server.

You will need to uninstall the E-Mail Gateway from the existing server and then run a new install on the new server. Once the software has been installed, you…

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General (10)

When I’m on the iSeries (AS/400) working with a document, I’ll a take an option 2 to change, and I get a message reading ‘document is in use’. I know that the document is not in use. How can I fix this?

This happens if a document is not checked in after it is used on the GUI side. When you received this error you can take an option 10 to ‘CheckIn’…

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Graphic (1)

I’ve created an automerge but the form is not merging with the spool file.

On the automerge, change the value for Force Overlay Download from NO to YES. We default the automerge to NO.

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Tax Pack (1)

How do I upgrade to the latest Formtastic Tax-Pack version?

To upgrade to the latest version of Formtastic's Tax-Pack, please contact Quadrant Software technical support through our Customer Care Center here:

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Multifunction Printers (1)

Does FastFax support Xerox and HP multifunction printers (MFPs)?

Yes, Xerox and HP MFP integration is supported by FastFax. For more information, contact Quadrant Software technical support:

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Outbound Fax Messages (7)

What is the maximum number of recipients that can be associated with one spool file?

A maximum of 999 recipients can be associated with any fax job. If the entire spool file is the fax, then 999 recipients can be specified. …

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QuadraDocV (7)

Are there any differences in using QuadraConnector versus using one of the Quadrant legacy gateways?

The mail addresses need to be SMTP compliant, so in some cases the format of the email address has changed. 

For example:

In the legacy NOTES Gateway, the format of a mail…

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Profiles (10)

Can we prevent someone from signing onto our iSeries using the FFXSYS profile and not stop the FastFax processor from connecting and processing fax jobs?

Yes. Change the FFXSYS profile and set the Initial Menu to be *SIGNOFF. This will prevent users from utilizing this profile to get onto your iSeries and will not…

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Clients (14)

I’m trying to send a PDF document via the FastFax/LAN printer. For some reason, it is squishing the PDF document.

On your PC, go to Start > Settings > Printers. Right click on the FastFax/LAN printer and access printing preferences. Under Graphic Resolution set the resolution to…

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API (14)

Which API command should I use to load the subject line of an email message?

Use the reference/description command “*RF”. This command has a parameter length of 25 positions.

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Can I run a job that monitors a network folder and looks for a Word document for automatic delivery?

If you purchase Development Tools with FastFax, then you have LAN/API. This development tool monitors up to 3 paths and can automatically fax / email PC documents. FastFax will…

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Backups (2)

How do I change the amount of days a fax saves.

From the main menu FFXMAIN option 2 Fastfax User Profiles. Put a 2 on General Defaults.

Under values Outbound Fax defaults is the Default for save copy of fax.

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General (39)

How do I change the default soft font used by FastFax to a Courier font?

To switch to a Courier font:
– At a command line – Type in FFXTOOLS – Hit F8 on the warning window – Take Option #21 Work with DTAFXS Data Area…

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LPAR (1)

How can I have FastFax installed on 2 partitions of my iSeries so I can share the fax lines?

Each partition of your iSeries is just like having another iSeries. You will first need a licensed copy of FastFax and a security code for that partition. You…

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Images (1)

I have loaded a licensed copy of Microsoft Office onto the FastFax processor and I will be faxing MS Word and Excel documents. How do I set the registry key values for “Image Conversions Supported”?

The registry key is used to identify document types to be faxed. FastFax uses the Microsoft software to render the image before faxing to create a sharper image. The…

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Phonebooks (2)

Is there any way to import entries into a FastFax phonebook? We have another application with many names and fax numbers which we can export. Is it possible to bring them into FastFax?

Yes! There are two options:
* First Option, if you have the Development Tools as part of the FastFax product:
a)From the iSeries (AS400) command line key in STRPDM and press enter….

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FFX Extractor (16)

We’re sending FastFax Extractor jobs by e-mail, but the recipient’s only get the first page.

Your template’s ‘Break’ setting is probably incorrect. From a command line type FFXCONFIG and [Enter]. Take option #7 to work with templates. Take Option #2 (Change) on the template. Within…

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Security (6)

Will there be any FastFax issues when I change my security level from 30 to 40?

If you’re running OS 400 version V5R2M0 or higher alongside FastFax V4.5.2 or lower, then you will need to contact Quadrant Software Technical Support for a program fix.

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Configuration (10)

Will there be any issue with upgrading the iSeries OS (operating system) to version V5R3?

FastFax version 4.4 and higher works fine with the V5R3 operating system. If you are running security level 40 or higher on the iSeries but are *not* running version 4.6.0…

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Version (3)

How can I verify what version of the FastFax software I am running?

FFXTOOLS (F8 beyond warning window) option 101 gives the version release for the processor and iSeries.

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FaxBar (3)

Is it possible to remove some of the buttons appearing on the FastFax fax bar?

Yes. Open the ffx.ini file on the user’s pc. Drill down to the section labeled ‘LauncherButtons’. Place a semicolon (;) in front of the items which you do *not*…

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Routing (1)

I’m using the SNDFAX command to send faxes, and these faxes have a routing code of OTH. I would like these to say USA. How do I make this change?

At an iSeries command line, type FFXTOOLS. If you’re prompted with a warning, then select F8. Take option 21 – Work with DTAFXS, FastFax defaults and overrides. Now…

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Edocmail (5)

How do I key in a long email address when sending emails with the User Menu Options (FFXMemo, Captured Screens & Spool Files, Queries, etc.)?

When your cursor is on the ‘Email Address’ field, you can prompt it by hitting F4. This will bring up a line allowing you to key in email addresses…

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Graphic (1)

I modified an existing form / graphic / signature. Now, whenever I use the image, the fax goes into ERC status with an error reading ‘PCL to TIF conversion failed’.

When you modify an image, you must save it as a black & white file with the resolution set at 200 dpi. Also, if this image is a landscape-formatted document,…

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Purge (9)

How can I tell if my purge is set up to run?

There are two places you should check: one for Processor and one for iSeries.
Go to FFXMAIN, Option 5 (Configuration menu), Option 1 (System defaults).
1. Processor purge. Put a…

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Viewer (1)

I’m trying to view a fax from the iSeries. I’m receiving a message reading ‘Drive not mapped or Parameter/Image for the viewer does not exist’.

There are 2 ways to view a fax.
First is the text-only viewer. To use this method, you will need to go into the user’s iSeries profile within FastFax. …

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Update (2)

I am spplying the 4.6.1 update and am getting a message that it is looking for the ‘Protective Storage Password’ and cannot move forward. How do I get this password?

To work around this issue, follow these steps:
1. Reset the protected storage ACLs. To do this:
a. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe). …

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Formatter (3)

What format does a image need to be for Formtastic?

The form needs to be a Tif or PCX, 200dpi or B&W.

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Checks (5)

I am creating a Positive Pay file but I am missing certain fields (check amount, check number, etc.). How do I get these fields to be included?

For these fields to appear in the Positive Pay report, you need to use the commands with the check itself.
If you are mapping this data using spool text,…

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PDF Module (2)

I am currently using the FILE command to create a PDF file in the IFS structure on the iSeries. Why am I not getting the PDF file in the directory specified?

You need to have a File Share on the directory into which you are trying to place the PDF file. To check for the share or to create the share:

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Merge (5)

I have a 300 page invoice spooled file, but I only need to reprint one invoice and merge it using Formtastic. Can I do this and how?

Yes. In Formtastic, run a manual merge from the Forms Menu, option 4. On the merge options, enter a FROM page and TO page range. This will only…

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Printing (3)

Is there a way to suppress the printing of certain pages within a merge based on criteria in the spool file?

With version 5.3.0 and higher you can do this using the PRTNO command.

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FAX Command (1)

When using the FAX command on my form, how does Formtastic know when to break and create a new fax job?

When you define the FAX command and map a spool region for the fax number, recipient name, and/or company, Formtastic will break when that information changes. However, Formtastic…

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Output Queues (1)

When I print invoice tags and specify new printers, I get an error that the output queue is not defined. What’s wrong?

In Formtastic, any output queue that receives a merged form must be defined in Formtastic. You define output queues using the Utilities Menu, Option #5 off the Main Menu…

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Attachments (1)

I want to attach Terms and Conditions at the end of a merge and not to every page. How can this be done?

On the Forms menu, choose Option #6, ‘Work with Sets’. From there, define your form as the primary form and add the terms and conditions with form type =…

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Fonts (1)

Can I load a new font to a printer for use in Form merges?

Formtastic allows you to add new fonts to a printer but will not allow you to change any existing default fonts for that printer. From the Forms main menu,…

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Printers (1)

When I’m working on a MICR check on the GUI side, I use a certain font and it looks good. When I merge and print, all the fonts are larger. Why?

When creating a document (Check, Form, or Label), you must first choose a printer model. This printer model defines the available font set. If the printer model you…

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Windows Editor (2)

I have many spool files on the PC side which are not being used. How can I clean this up?

You cannot remove any spool files which are linked to spool files. To can clean up the others on the iSeries side by taking option 6 (manual transfer) from…

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Bar Code (2)

I created a barcode using the CODE128B barcode. It isn’t being picked up properly when it goes through the scanner.

When using the CODE128B you must specify the check digit option. This is required for this type of barcode.

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