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Can I send two copies of a purchase order to the same vendor using FastFax API jobs?

Yes. Using API, you can send a fax to up to 999 recipients or up to 999 copies to the same recipient. To do this, add the recipient modifier commands *DSF, *FI and *FN for fax messages, *DSE, *FI and *EM for email messages. You can also add any combination of these commands to send both fax and email messages.

I have been using FastFax API and recently started faxing internationally. All my international faxes are in error status with invalid international code.

FastFax uses outbound routing codes to dial a specific number (i.e. local, long distance, or international). When you installed FastFax, you entered the local exchanges for your area code into the FastFax outbound routing table. This information tells FastFax to dial locally if the exchange is in the table, otherwise it dials long distance.

To send international faxes, you have 3 choices.
1.) Use the API command *IN for changing the international code from default (USA) to “INT” and enter the country code and number.
2.) Use the API command *IN, put in the specific country code and just give us the number minus the country code.
3.) Use the API command *IN with a value of “OTH” and give us everything, including the 011. The “OTH” value bypasses checking the outbound routing codes and dials the number just as you gave it to us.

Which API command should I use to load the subject line of an email message?

Use the reference/description command “*RF”. This command has a parameter length of 25 positions.

I’m using FastFax API and have the eDocMail / Email Gateway. I want to send a message along with the e-mail so that it appears in the body of the e-mail. How can I accomplish this?

When sending emails, FastFax won’t send the cover sheet in the email attachment, unless the cover sheet has notes on it. If your cover sheet has notes on it, then these notes will show up as the body of the email. In your API jobs, add the command *CN for cover notes. We allow 30 lines, 80 columns. Keep repeating the *CN command to enter all your notes.

How can I send PC documents using FastFax API?

Use the FastFax API command, ‘*AP’, to attach PC Document. This command works three different ways and is dependent on the parameter structure. We can get a file from a folder in QDLS, IFS, or a Network file server (NT or Novell).
From QDLS:………. *APqdlspath/filename.ext
From IFS:…………. *AP/ifspath/filename.ext
From Network:…… *AP\fileserverfolderfilename.ext

I need emailed spool files to be delivered as text attachments. How do I do this?

Using FastFax 4.5.1 and above, you can send email messages as .TXT attachments. If you’re using API, then there is a command, *ES, with a parameter of TXT (*ESTXT). This will also make the attachment a text file. You can also make this happen from the user menu if you’re using FastFax Extractor or a captured spooled file.

API Faxes are not sending out. They are piling up in the FFXOTQAPI outq. How do I fix this?

EndFfx on the AS400. Verify the sbs ends WRKSBSJOB FASTFAX. If you have an FFXAPI job on the screen, end it with a 4.

DSPDTAARA DTAARA(FASTFAX/DTAAPI) If values other than 0, you need to clear the data area.



How do I keep a permanent copy of my API faxes?

Use the API command *SC with a value of 999. The 999 indicates to save a permanent copy of the fax. Example: *SC999

How do I set my API type faxes to save for a specific number of days in the Work with Outbound faxes?

Use the API command *SC with a value ranging from 001 to 998, indicating the number of days to save the fax. Example: *SC045 to save the fax for 45 days.

How do we save our API faxes after they have been created?

1. At the iSeries command line execute FFXTOOLS,

2. F8 to confirm.

3. Select Option 21 Work with DTAFXS, FastFax defaults and overrides.

4. F10=Change values

5. Look for the data area for API jobs called FXSASV and change it to ‘Y’

6. Press Enter, then at the window press F8=Confirm

It will save the faxes to the FASTFAX/ FFXOTQSAV out queue and will remain there until cleaned out by the user.

Why are the API spool files are not moving out of the FFXOTQAPI out queue?

At the iSeries command line, execute WRKJOBQ JOBQ(FFXAPIJOBQ) and make sure the job queue is in a release status (RLS). If held (HLD), execute the command RLSJOBQ JOBQ(FFXAPIJOBQ). Look at the FFXOTQAPI out queue to confirm the spoolfiles are moving out. In the event the FFXAPIJOBQ is already in a release status, follow the existing steps that are already on the FAQ website.

I have API faxes set to print a copy after it is sent using the *PC, *OQ and the *QL commands but does not print. The out queue and library settings within API commands matches with a valid out queue on the iSeries.

On the iSeries command line execute the command FFXTOOLS, then F8, select Opt 21 Work with DTAFXS, FastFax defaults and overrides,

Then F10=Change values. Look for ‘FXSLPH’ in the third column. If it is blank, please change to ‘1’ and re-run another API job.