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How do I increase the number of automerge jobs I can run?

In the FTASTIC subsystem, go to the FTTOOLS menu and take option 40, ‘Create/Repair Formtastic Subsystem’. You can define up to 99 total jobs to run in the FTASTIC subsystem. You can also define the number of miscellaneous jobs that can run in that subsystem.

When using the QCKMRGSPL command and specifying the Form Type as *SELECT, I am getting a message that the next 5 parameters need to be filled in. Which 5 parameters do they mean?

The parameters are the fields which are furthest to the left (Job name,Job Number, Spool Number, To Output queue, Library).

We use Formtastic to print and fax Invoices and Purchase Orders. Currently, our system operator uses the option from the Formtastic menu to start and stop the Auto Merges for these jobs. We also print Payroll Checks, so security has become an issue. We don’t want the system operators to have access to this information or Formtastic. Is there anyway we can automate this?

Formtastic has two commands available to automate the starting and stopping of the Auto Merges, ‘STARTAM’ & ‘STOPAM’.  These commands can be used with a SBMJOB command or put in a scheduled job list. They start and stop the Auto Merges based on the schedule date and time you supply.

Note: You must have the FTASTIC library in your library list when you submit this job.


There are other commands to run the Form and Check Merges, Printing the Audit Log, Purging the Audit Log, Downloading Forms and Images to a Printer, and Deleting Resources from a Printer.  Also as of version 5.4.3 we have an Auto-Start feature where we will automatically start the Auto merges when he Formtastic subsystem is started.

Automerge is not picking up the file from the outq.

Verify that the subsystem is started (Wrksbsjob Ftastic), and verify that the automerge is started (option 9 off forms menu.)

Automerge is not picking up the file from the outq.

Verify the spoolfile “select criteria” matches the case on the outq and the automerge. It’s case sensitive. Example: Form Type, Printer File name, User Data, User ID. All need to match.

Customer is getting F011018 error message when his automerge starts from his robot job after his ipl – He is able to start it manually fine.

The user that is starting the automerge jobs must have *SPLCLT authority on their As/400 user profile under special authority to start an automerge.

The customer can add *SPLCTL to the special authority of the user profile starting the automerge –

If they do not want to do this the next options would be:

If the customer is running 5.3.x from an As/400 command line type:

If the customer is running 5.2.2 they will need to run
and at this release level would need to contact Technical Support for addition program fixes.

I am using the FILE command in my form and wanted to know when the pdf files that I am specifying in this command are being created.

The pdf files created with the FILE command are being created on the moment the form containing the File command is merged.