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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


How do I change the amount of days a fax saves.

From the main menu FFXMAIN option 2 Fastfax User Profiles. Put a 2 on General Defaults.

Under values Outbound Fax defaults is the Default for save copy of fax.

I get an error when I run my backups CPF4128. How do I end and restart FastFax for my backups?

The error message is caused by another job having a lock on the FastFax library. You need to do two things. 1.) End the FastFax subsystem. We have a command you can put in your program, ENDFFX, that ends the subsystem, and STRFFX to start it back up again. 2.) The FastFax processor also has locks on the FastFax library. Power down the FastFax processor by taking option 12 from the Work with FastFax Processor’s screen and select POWERDOWN CNTRLD. You can also automate this by calling one of our programs FFX809CL. This program works with the processor and lines. To use this program refer to source file FFXINFO in library FASTFAX, then look at member FFX809CL. This will tell you what parameters to load and we also supply code you can copy into your program.