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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


When merging MICR checks, the user gets an error, but when I do the merge it works fine. Am I missing something?

Anyone who submits the merge command, runs the menu option to merge, or starts the Auto Merge, must have the proper authority to access those spool files.

I am creating a Positive Pay file but I am missing certain fields (check amount, check number, etc.). How do I get these fields to be included?

For these fields to appear in the Positive Pay report, you need to use the commands with the check itself.

If you are mapping this data using spool text, you will need to remove the STEXT command and use the appropriate check command instead.

Is there a recommended method for copying the Positive Pay information from the iSeries to the PC?

You can use any method with which you are comfortable. We use the CPYTOPCD command on the iSeries.

How do I get a check digit to print in the MICR line for the check number (Modular 9or MOD 9)?

In the CKNBR (check number) command there is an option to Calc Check Digit. This would need to be set to *YES on the AS/400 (or on the GUI it would need to have a check mark) to be enabled.

Can I call for a manual check from the command line?

Yes, you will need to ftastic to library list and then do a
call pgm(ftastic/ec102ac) Parm(‘M’)F4 and populate your check information.