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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


I need to install some new PC fax clients. How do I do this?

Installing PC fax clients doesn’t require any software CD. Use Windows Explorer on that PC to navigate to the Quadrant/FastFax/Setup32 folder on the File Server (where the FastFax software was installed). Double click on Setup.Exe. This process takes about 5 minutes and the PC will need to re-boot. If you are running this on a Windows 7 we suggest you run this as Admin. Also on XP machines you must have local administrator privileges.

I’m trying to send a PDF document via the FastFax/LAN printer. For some reason, it is squishing the PDF document.

On your PC, go to Start > Settings > Printers. Right click on the FastFax/LAN printer and access printing preferences. Under Graphic Resolution set the resolution to Fine Fax Resolution 204×196 DPI – then click ‘Apply’.

When a user sends a message from the client (GUI), they are not getting a message back stating that the popup (Windows)message was sent.

For users to receive the Windows message, the Messenger service must be started. To verify this you need to go into Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services/ and look for the Messenger Service. This needs to be started.

I’m trying to create a cover sheet on the Windows GUI and getting an error reading ‘unable to read from graphic definition file’. What does this mean?

FastFax is having a problem reading the CVR.VAR file. We will need to copy a new one from the CD. On the file sever, go into the FastFaxFFXCVR directory and rename the existing CVR.VAR to CVRVAR.old. On the FastFax CD browse to the File Server directory FastFaxFFXCVR and copy the CVR.VAR file to the FFXCVR directory on the file server. You should not be able to create a new cover sheet.

I have loaded the client software (WindowFax), but I’m not seeing the Fastfax LAN printer.

Uninstall the client, reboot your PC. Disable the virus software and reinstall on the client.

How do I put the FastFax processor offline using the Client software?

Click on the Fastfax Administration Icon.

Highlight Master or Slave (The one you want to put offline). Click on Edit and Select Offline or hit the F11 key. To put online, use the same steps or hit the F10 key.

How do I add a Routing Entry from the Client (WindowFax) software?

From the FaxBar click on the Fastfax Administration Icon. Select Outbound Routing Table. Highlight the line you want to add the routing entry to. Click Edit, Add New Routing Table Entry. Select the Line number you are adding to. Select International Code, Area/City code, Local exchange, and Routing Code. See manual for the available routing entries for Local, Long distance and International codes.

How do I resend a fax from the client (WindowFax) software?

Open the Faxbar, click on the Fastfax Messages Icon. Highlight your Fax (Has to be in SNT or DLT status). Click on Messages at top of screen and select Resend or click on the resend button 3rd from the left at the top.

How do I display the history of a Fax from the client (WindowFax) software?

From the FaxBar click on the Fastfax Messages Icon. Highlight the Fax and click on the Messages and select History or click on the icon History 5 from the top left.

How do I copy (duplicate) a user from the client software (WindowFax)?

Click on the Fastfax Faxbar, Click on the Fastfax Administration icon. Click on Profiles. Click on Edit and Duplicate User. Provide the User name and Environment. Click OK.

From the Client (WindowFax) how do I change the amount of days a fax is saved?

Click on the Fastfax Bar, Click on Fastfax Administrator, Click on the Profiles, Select User profile. General Defaults 1 Default Save Copy of Fax. Values are None, Perm or Select number of days.

From the client, how can I determine if I am going through a PBX.

Click on the Fastfax Bar, Click on the Fastfax Admin icon, Click on the Configuration icon, click on Lines, click on Dialing. PBX/Line Access code will have a value in it if you are going through a PBX. Normally 9 or 8.

From the Windows client how can I change the amount of pages we are batching?

From the Fastfax Faxbar click on the Fastfax Admin icon, click on System defaults, click on Retry/batching. You can select the types of jobs to batch, the amount of pages to batch, use summary coversheet or no.

From the WindowFax Client how do I view the security code and determine if it’s permanet (perm) or temporary (temp)?

Open the Fastfax Faxbar, click on Fastfax Admin Icon. Click on the Utilities tab, click on Security code. Select Environment to view security code for every individual environment. The Expiration date is on the same screen.