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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Within a form merge, is there a way to override the pre-set number of copies created for a user with a customized number of copies? One time the user may want 1 copy and another time the user may want 3 copies.

Yes. Use the MRGFRMSPL (Merge Form with Spool File) command in a CL program. From there, pass the number of copies in and load a variable that is to be used when running the command. So, when a user submits a job to print, this creates an option to select the number of copies. Then, after the spool file is created, the CL program passes that value. This will perform a merge each time a user prints. There is no delay time as with the Auto Merge. Also, the Auto Merge, once started, can’t be changed for the number of copies.