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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


I’m using the eDocMail module & will be installing a new email server. Where do I reflect the name of the new SMTP Mail Server within FastFax?

On the FastFax Processor, you will need to click on the FFXRegistry icon on the Desktop (FastFax Tools with version 4.6.0 and higher). Now click on ‘Edit’. Scroll down to the OutboundEmailServerName. Double click on this key & key in the name of the new Email Server. Apply the changes. Once you exit, you will need to click on the ENDFFX icon on the desktop & then click on exit. Now click on the STRFFX icon to start up FastFax again.

How do I key in a long email address when sending emails with the User Menu Options (FFXMemo, Captured Screens & Spool Files, Queries, etc.)?

When your cursor is on the ‘Email Address’ field, you can prompt it by hitting F4. This will bring up a line allowing you to key in email addresses of up to 50 characters.

I am sending outbound emails from the iSeries using IAP. How do I edit the subject line?

You can modify the subject line by using the QCNY parameter. You need to pass an *RF and then enter the text you would like to pass as the subject line. The subject field can be up to 25 characters long.

How long can the subject line be in an email?

The subject line is limited to 25 characters.

I have a new email server. @here do I update the email server name within FastFax?

Go to the Fastfax processor, click on the endffx icon.
Click on the Fastfax Tools icon, and hit ok thru warning.
Select edit
Go to OutboundEmailServerName and update the smtp server name.
Click apply, and then click on the startffx icon.