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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


I’m moving to Exchange 2003 server. I’d would like to know how to move our E-Mail Gateway to the new server.

You will need to uninstall the E-Mail Gateway from the existing server and then run a new install on the new server. Once the software has been installed, you will need to access the processor & do an ENDFFX on the desktop. Next, click on the FFXREGISTRY icon on the desktop (FastFax Tools icon for version 4.6 or higher of FastFax). Click on ‘Edit’. Next, scroll down to ExchGatewayServer. Double click on the entry and enter the name of the new server. Apply the changes & then click on the STRFFX icon on the desktop. ***If you are running Exchange 2003 or higher you want to make sure that you are installing version 4.5.2 or higher of the gateway.***

I updated to Outlook 2003. As a result, the FastFax Address template is no longer an option when users click on a new mail message & then click on advanced > new > In this message only. How do we get that option back?

On the user’s PC, go into Control Panel > Mail > Email Accounts. Under the E-mail section, select view or change existing settings (click next), and then select the mail server. Click on change and uncheck where it says ‘Used Cached Exchange Mode’. Then click on Next > Finish. You will then need to close Outlook & reopen it. The template should now be available.

Can I include a CC (carbon copy) recipient when sending outbound emails from the iSeries?

No. You cannot include a carbon copy to an email recipient from the iSeries.

How do I change the default message appearing in the body of the email sent from the iSeries?

On the FastFax Processor you will need to click on the FFXREGISTRY icon (FastFax Tools with version 4.6.0 and higher). Click on EDIT. Scroll down to OutboundEmailMessage1 (you will also have a 2 & 3). This is the text which appears on all Outbound Emails. Once the changes are made you will need to click on the ENDFFX icon. Once it has ended, you can click on the STRFFX icon.

I’m trying to send an email from the iSeries and keep getting an error in the history that reads ‘Remote Recipient Failed’ and ‘Remote Mailbox not found / Mailbox unavailable’. What is causing this error?

This is caused by the email server when relaying restirctions are turned on. To fix this, the IP address of the processor needs to be added as an exception to the relaying policies.

I get the following error in the ‘Qsysopr’ message queue when outbound emails are in a ‘RTY’ status: “Connection to SMTP server failed”

This error occurs when FastFax cannot access the SMTP mail server. From the processor, verify that you can ping the mail server. If you can ping, then try to telnet to the mail server from the processor on port number 25.

There are messages constantly showing up in the Lotus/Domino/Notes console stating ‘FFXGWIN: Locating Inbound Files’. How can I prevent this from appearing?

You will need to go into the Domino Administrator, under the files tab. Open the ffconfig.nsf file and under the ‘Options’ tab change the logging level to silent and save the changes. You will need to end the FFXGWIN task & then restart it for the changes to take affect.

I’m attempting to install the Email Gateway on the Exchange Server & keep receiving an error that I must first install on the Schema Master.

When using Active directory, you do need to install on the Schema first & then make sure that the data gets replicated before attempting to install on the Exchange Server.

I moved to a new Exchange 2003 system on a Windows 2003 file server. Inbound messages are working fine using the Fastfax Exchange Gateway but Outbound files are sitting in the c:FastFaxOut directory on the file server.

Please verify the permissions are set properly on the share for the FastFax directory (c:fastfax). To do this you will need to right click on the FastFax directory and then click on sharing. Verify that Everyone (or at least FFXSYS) has full control. You will also need to click on the Security tab and again and make sure the user’s (or FFXSYS) has full control. Once that is done the messages should get picked up.

When a I send fax to multiple recipients from my email client, the cover sheet displays the TO and CC fields in the body of the cover sheet. How can I prevent this?

1. On the processor, click on the FastFax Tools icon on the desktop.

2. Click on the edit option.

3. Scroll down until you locate the ‘OutboundEmailProcessRecipients’ key.

4. Change this from a 1 to a 0.

5. You will need to do an ENDFFX and then a STRFFX for the change to take affect.

How do I setup inbound routing so that inbound faxes will be routed to my email inbox and then removed from my system when eligible to be purged?

You can only accomplish this if you have the FastFax Email Gateway installed on your Mail Server. (To check, look at the services running on your email server. If FastFax Email Gateway is installed and running you will see it listed as FastFax Gateway and it should show as status of started.)

From the Iseries:
Type FFXMAIN and take option 5 from this menu for FastFax configuration menu.
From the FFXCONFIG menu take option 5 for FastFax inbound routing table
Take an option F6 to create a new entry –
Setup the routing entry for inbound fax to be received making sure that you choose *YES for the value Receive into OPN status
This will change the inbound status of the fax from *NEW to *OPEN allowing the FastFax purge to delete these records once it has become eligible to purge.
Then on the value for Forward to email setup with *YES and supply the email address where we will be routing the inbound fax to –

From your FastFax Client:
Choose FastFax Administration from your FastFax Client
Choose Inbound Routing Table
At the top choose Edit and then New Table Entry
Setup the routing entry for inbound fax to be received making sure that on the tab for Routing Info 1 you have selected to receive fax into open status and on the tab for Routing Info 1 you add the email address or user profile that the inbound fax will be routed to.

ADDED FEATURE in FastFax releases 4.6.0 and Above:
Be aware that in the FastFax releases 4.6.0 and above you can setup primary and secondary entries using the same routing information but supplying FastFax with a different user profile and email addresses to deliver. Simply add an additional routing entry as instructed above and choose S for value Primary or secondary entry.

What is the End of Life date for Email Gateway?

The Email Gateway is EOL immediately. It is replaced with QuadrConnector utilizing SMTP protocol for Exchange/Notes mail servers. The replacement is at no charge with current maintenance and support.

Why is Quadrant Software replacing my existing Email Gateway which works fine?

There are several reasons, firstly, the existing Email gateway for Lotus Notes no longer functions for Lotus Notes versions later than version 8.0.2 due to Lotus support of the API beyond 8.0.2. Therefore Quadrant recommends customers with Lotus Notes version later than 8.0.2 to replace their gateway with QuadraConnect™. Secondly, QuadraConnect is based on industry standard protocol –SMTP.  Regardless of what version of Domino or Exchange or GenericMail,   utilizing SMTP protocol allows QuadraConnect™  to be independent of Corporate email version migration therefore reducing your management  efforts.

Are there any functions/features that are eliminated by replacing my existing gateway with QuadraConnectâ„¢? For example does the Outlook Address Book integration still function? Are any new functions added?

In all cases, there is no loss or no addition of features by replacing any of the “old” gateways. This includes the FastFax Address button used with Lotus Notes. 

What features are available in QuadraConnector that are not available in the Domino, SMTP and Exchange Gateways?

  • QuadraConnector can be configured to provide an audit log of inbound and outbound messages (eml and tmp), with date and time stamps.
  • QuadraConnector can be configured to archive inbound and outbound copies of the message files (eml and tmp), in directories, by date.
  • QuadraConnector always logs and can be configured to provide levels of informational and diagnostic logging.
  • QuadraConnector retains copies of all files that cannot be converted to a sendable format in a badmail directory.
  • QuadraConnector can be configured to run with SAP.
  • QuadraConnector has been tested with a variety of SMTP compliant email files servers 

Does the migration to QuadraConnector from the Email Gateway require a different security code?

QuadraDocV utilizes the SMTP Gateway bit in the security code, so a conversion from NOTES or EXCHANGE will require a new security code, just like it previously did when a customer migrates to the SMTP gateway from either NOTES or EXCHANGE.

How do I uninstall my FastFax Domino Gateway on my Iseries?

First you will need to end the two FastFax Gateway tasks that are running on your Iseries:

From the Domino console issue:

Delete the FastFax Gateway Library

Then use option 4 to delete

delete two .pgm files:


From WRKLNK (this path is Domino/yoursystemname/data
any mail templates ffmailX.ntf

There is also a FASTFAX directory here that includes your in and out folders –
You can delete this if you do not wish to bring over any files that have been accumulating into these folders

What are the advantages of QuadraConnector over any of the Legacy Email Gateway’s previously sold by Quadrant Software?

QuadraConnector utilizes the SMTP capabilities of the customer’s mail server, or SAP server, or any messaging system that has SMTP capabilities.  QuadraConnector transforms rfc-compliant SMTP messages into QuadraDocV messages – this removes any reliance or dependencies on any particular brand of mail server, as long as the mail server or ERP server produces rfc-compliant SMTP.

What files are installed on the exchange server when the FastFAx Exchange Gateway is loaded?

We load .exe and .dll type files all starting with ffx.
We have several .dll type files ffxipm0*.dll and the ffxipm1*.dll in the C:Winntsystem32 folder.

Are there any differences in using QuadraConnector versus using one of the Quadrant legacy gateways?

The mail addresses need to be SMTP compliant, so in some cases the format of the email address has changed. 

For example:

In the legacy NOTES Gateway, the format of a mail message was <NAME>@<FAX#>@FASTFAX.  The smtp compliant mail address is now <NAME>@<FAX#>

In both the legacy EXCHANGE gateway and the legacy SMTP gateway, the format of a mail message was <NAME>@<FAX#>.fastfax. The smtp compliant mail address is now <NAME>@<FAX#>

Do I need to install QuadraConnector on a QDV Server, or can I install it on a standalone server?

QuadraConnector must be installed on a QDV Server Windows Server 2008 or 2012.

Can QuadraConnector be configured to run with multiple email servers?

Yes. QuadraConnector can be configured to connect with multiple SMTP email servers.  Each gateway connection must be licensed.

How is QuadraConnector configured?

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) manager is an integral part of configuring QuadraConnector. As such, IIS virtual servers are configured for each email server domain and IP. QuadraConnector is then configured to work with the IIS relay.  

How is FastFax configured to use QuadraConnector?

FastFax configuration is similar to the SMTP gateway configuration. Configuring FastFax for multiple email servers is simplified with QuadraConnector because one QuadraConnector gateway install and configuration handles multiple email servers.  With the Domino, SMTP and Exchange Gateways each gateway is configured separately in FastFax.

Will I need new CDs? Will I have to install new software?

No, QuadraConnector comes prepackaged with QDV 5.5 and merely has to be “turned on” (some additional windows features must also be turned on).

When will exchange 2007 be supported?

Mid 2007 with FastFax release 4.7.2

I am using a Lotus Domino server running on an As/400 and the FFXGWOT job will not end.

To fix this problem you need to use the ENDJOBABN command to end.

To use ENDJOBABN do the following:
Type WRKACTJOB (find the job FFXGWOT)
Place a 5 next to the job you want to end.

At the top of the screen
User: QNOTES Number: 916714

ISSUE THE CMD ENDJOBABN hit F4 & fill in the parameters about the job.

Wait a few minutes and the job should now end.

I need to resize my Exchange Storage group. I will be moving FastFax out and then back in again… is there anything I need to do with FastFax Gateway?

1. Prevent inbound/outbound traffic by EndFFX and sending no emails to gateway

2. Stop the gateway service

3. Move the FastFax mailbox to another storage group, perform operations

4. Move the FastFax mailbox back to original location
5. Start the gateway service and start FFX

If you are moving to a new storage group on a permanent basis you will have to uninstall and then once storage group is created do an install.

I am getting LOGON FAILURE ERROR -1069 ON GATEWAY SERVICE when my FastFax Gateway attempts to start.

Need to make FFXSYS schema and domain admin. Once this is done, the service would start as FFXSYS.

If you have another user setup as the user to start the service the above must be setup for that user as well.