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How do I set up multiple recipients for my Extractor Templates?

From a command line type FFXCONFIG and [Enter]. Take Option #7 to work with Extractor templates. Take option #2 (Change) to change the template. In FastFax Extractor, tab over to the RCP menu option at the top and hit enter. A window will drop down and you will see 6 options. Choose option 2 to add recipients. Adding multiple recipients works the same way as the first recipient. You will be prompted to define the name and fax number from your spooled file or a database file. Once you define all your recipients, you can use other options under the RCP menu to show next or previous recipient. This function will adjust your screen and highlight that recipient’s selected spool file information and show you the data on the fax breaks.

I have MS Word documents that I want attached to FastFax Extractor jobs, but I don’t want to convert them into a .TIF image and then enter them into the FastFax graphics table. I don’t want to repeatedy convert these documents and put them into FastFax every time we need to fax. Is there any other way?

Yes. Using FastFax 4.5 and above, you can attach PC documents by supplying the UNC path to the document. From a command line enter FFXCONFIG and [Enter] . Take option #7 to work with templates. Take Option #2 (Change) to change the template. In FastFax Extractor, access the DEFAULTS menu bar and choose option 4, Attachment Options. From this screen, you can enter up to 6 UNC paths to specify PC attachments. Press [Enter]. Press F3 to exit and [Enter] to save changes.