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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


I set up a new user & now this user gets an ‘Error 75 – You are not authorized to use FastFax’ when trying to access WindowFax on the FaxBar.

Users need authorization to send faxes for themselves when using WindowFax. Access the user’s FastFax Profile under the General Defaults. In the ‘Send For Other Enrolled’ setting, verify that it is set to either *ALL or *LIST. If it is *LIST, then prompt the list & verify that they do have a ‘Y’ next to their own name.

Is it possible to remove some of the buttons appearing on the FastFax fax bar?

Yes. Open the ffx.ini file on the user’s pc. Drill down to the section labeled ‘LauncherButtons’. Place a semicolon (;) in front of the items which you do *not* want to appear in the fax bar. Save the changes to the ffx.ini file and you’re done.

I re-installed the FaxBar & now when I go into FastFax Administration, I cannot select the ‘Email’ option for Inbound Routing.

You need to enable the email feature on the FaxBar. To do this, go into ‘Work with Messages’ on the FaxBar. Click on Message and the Email and Enable.

You should now be able to go into the Administrator & have the Email option available.