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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


We have a spool file that only prints data on the first half of the page on two separate pages. We would like to combine 2 half pages and put it on 1 Form Page. Is this possible using Formtastic?

Formtastic cannot move spool data from one page to another. We can only map spool data one page at a time to that form. However, FORMATTER (an optional module for Formtastic) can reformat your data so that when Formtastic gets the spool file, it has already combined the 2 half pages onto one page. With Formatter, you can manipulate how each page prints and incorporate multiple page styles to decrease space used by headers and footers while increasing space dedicated to detail items. This module can potentially reduce a 10 page spool file to 5 pages or less.

What format does a image need to be for Formtastic?

The form needs to be a Tif or PCX, 200dpi or B&W.

My pc had a problem while I was working on my Formatter Template and now when I try and go back into it I receive an error that the template is already in use by my user profile?

Update the FRMTHD file and remove the value that is in field FRHIBU.

**TO UPDATE The field complete the following steps at an iSeries command line

STRDFU 5 (enter)
Data file . . . . FRMTHD
Library . . . . FTASTIC

Page down so FRHDSC:= Template name

Wipe out the field FRHIBU
Press enter & then F3 to exit