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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


I am attempting a new installation of Formtastic and getting an error stating that the library is already in the library list. This is a brand new installation so it is not in the library list.

At an iSeries command line, type DSPLIBL and hit enter. Do you see ACOM in your library list? If you do, then you will need to remove it to proceed with the installation.

When I’m on the iSeries (AS/400) working with a document, I’ll a take an option 2 to change, and I get a message reading ‘document is in use’. I know that the document is not in use. How can I fix this?

This happens if a document is not checked in after it is used on the GUI side. When you received this error you can take an option 10 to ‘CheckIn’ the document. You will then be able to edit the document.

A customer wants to mirror Formtastic, What files should be excluded?


Do you have steps for moving Formtastic to a new iSeries?

Go to an iSeries command line and
type strpdm.

Fake opt 3., Work with Members.

File is ffxinfo, library fastfax, member MOVFOCPU

Take an option 6 on print the text file.

A customer’s PC crashed. She restored it, however, now every time she attempts to open a new document, she gets the following error message: Couldn’t Open File (DBM 5663).

Go into the Formtastic GUI interface, and then access TOOLS, Download from iSeries. From here you should download product system information. This should fix the problem.

new api commands for formtastic *MMPN and *MMZC

*MMPNSet print suppression (PRTNO) by entering the copy number. Use a comma to
suppress a list of copy numbers. Enter 0 to suppress all copy numbers. 1

*MMZCSet copy number to be faxed/emailed for the recipient..

NOTE If this command is not used, copy #1 is used as the default.1 numeric

When linking a spoolfile to a form I get a Formtastic Error “E-60402 SPOOLED FILE TYPE MUST BE *SCS, ERROR FOUND ON SPOOLED SELECTION 01” . What is causing this error?

The spoolfile must be a *SCS type. To verify, go to the spoolfile in the Formtastic out queue. Take an 8=Attributes page down until you see ‘Printer device type”, value must be *SCS.

In formtastic can you duplex?

yes the printer needs to support duplexing. Then on the merge you need to specify Duplex mode . . . . . . . . *YES or *TUMBLE
than pass the form name

I have two files on my system that are large and interferring with my backup procedure – Can I clear them?

Those two files are FOFILHI and FOFILHS – they are file command index and history files.

Use the following commands to clear then in your release level from the AS/400 (iSeries):

clrpfm ftastic/fofilhi
– and –
clrpfm ftastic/fofilhs
Formtastic release 5.3.3 and above has an option from the utility menu to clear these files.