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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Can I copy a group of spool files from my iSeries to my PC for storage?

If you purchased eDocMail / E-Mail Gateway along with the PDF module, then you can email those spool files to yourself as PDF attachments.

How do I change the default soft font used by FastFax to a Courier font?

To switch to a Courier font:
– At a command line – Type in FFXTOOLS – Hit F8 on the warning window – Take Option #21 Work with DTAFXS Data Area – Hit F10 – Change the value for FXSFNT to a ‘2’ – Hit Enter – Hit F8 to confirm – Hit Enter to Exit – Any faxes created after this point will be created with the Courier font. The subsystem does not need to be restarted.

What does the error ‘Failure to Train at 2400 Baud’ mean in the fax history?

This error means that FastFax was not able to negotiate on a baud rate with the receiving fax machine. We start negotiating with a baud rate of 14400 & keep working our way down. 2400 is the lowest baud rate we will try.

How can I turn off the job logs created for the user FFXSYS? We turned on logging to troubleshoot but no longer need it.

At an iSeries command line, type FFXTOOLS and hit ‘Enter’. Hit F8 at the warning window. Take option 17 and hit ‘Enter’. Logging is now turned off.

Is there a way to see who put the faxq on hold?

Yes. At a command line type FFXTOOLS and hit enter. At the warning screen, do an F8. Take option 5 for ‘Display the FastFax system messages’. This screen displays when the faxq was held and by whom.

I am getting a message during my back ups that one of my data queues is damaged (FFXDTQATTN or FFXDTQHPT). How do I fix this?

At a command line, type FFXTOOLS and hit enter. F8 on the warning screen. If the problem data queue is the FFXDTQHPT dtaq, take option 31. If the problem data queue is the FFXDTQATTN dtaq, take option 33. These options will delete and then recreate the data queue.

Are Double Byte Characters supported?

At this time Double Byte Characters are not supported.

I am trying to print an inbound fax using option 10 from the Work with Inbound Fax screen on my iSeries and I am getting an error invalid printer selected message. The outq is a valid iSeries outq – Why am I getting this message?

For FastFax to successfully print to this outq you will need to setup a share for this printer.

To do this on your iSeries type FFXTOOLS, hit enter and you will be prompted to verify you are in the correct FastFax library. Select f8.

Verify the library name and choose F8.

On the selection line select 87 and hit enter. This will show the Work with iSeries NetServer screen. You will need to setup a *PRINT share.

Select F6 to Create and choose *Print when prompted.

Name your Print share the same name as the outq is named on your iSeries.

Next give it a description and define the name of the outq and library you will be printing to. (The library name must be entered *libl will not work)

The printer driver text is to remain blank. Choose the spooled file type from the choices shown – if not sure, 4 is the best option.

Once the printer share is created you should be able to successfully print to this outq using option 10.

I have a file in Fastfax, titled ffxtrc, that is quite large. Can I clear this file?

To clear this file you will need to end the FastFax subsustem (endffx)
at a as400 command line type ffxtools (hit enter)

F8 thru the warning

Take option 2 clear the trace file

What format does a form need to be in for FastFax?

The form needs to be a Tif or PCX, 200dpi or B&W.

The processor is not making a odbc connection to fileserver. How do I fix this?

Go to the fileserver verify that the Fastfax sql service is running in services
start/control panel/administrative tools/services

When I fax or email a merged Formtastic spoolfile through FastFax, the page # is wrong on the coversheet. How do I fix this?

This is a known issue. FastFax has a problem calculating how many pages are in a ascii spoolfile. For a workaround we ask to remove the pages (&PG#) from the coversheet.

(WIN) Faxes sitting in CRT status.

Verify the Service on the File Server is started. To verify, access Control Panel, Services, Fastfax SQL service.
Verify the drive is mapped to the file server on the processor. \FileserverNameQuadrant

Faxes are getting error message: Prevent 911 when sending a fax. How do I fix this?

Verify they are not passing a 1 in the dialing string. FastFax line routing provides the 1 for long distance faxes.

How can I tell how long a fax is saved on the Messages screen? (In FFXMAIN option 1).

Put a 5 on the SNT fax on the left side, close to bottom value for Save Copy, which determines how long a fax is saved.

I am attempting to send a memo. When I do this, FastFax attempts to save the job and fax. At this point i get the following error message: Not authorized to fax or invalid user. How do I fix this?

In the user profile (FFXMAIN option 2). On General page down 1 screen. Send fax for other enrolled users needs to be set to *ALL or *LIST

I am attempting to print to a new printer from the iSeries. I submit a job to print, but it doesn’t come through. How do I fix this?

Set up a share to the printer. Ffxtools, F8 beyond the warning. Take option 87 file and printer share (Need IOSYSCFG authority). F6 to create select *Print. Fill in the information in regards to new printer.

Is FastFax compliant with Daylight Savings Time (DST) and the Energy Policy Act of 2005?

Quadrant Software provides FastFax/Enterprise, Ultra and LAN customers with patches and releases to ensure that their servers are Daylight Saving Time compliant.

* For customers at version 4.7.1, no action is required, changes will be done automatically.
* For customers at versions 4.6.2 or 4.7.0, patches are available and once applied changes will be done automatically.
* For customers at versions 4.6.1 or below, patches are not available, settings must be changed manually.

To request a patch or for further assistance, please contact our Tech Support Team.

Data queue damaged for FFXATTNDTQ

Go to command line type in FFXTOOLS take option 33.

I have DID lines to receive inbound faxes and when I dial them I hear a busy signal?

A test that we recommend to determine if you are having an issue with the DID card or the DID line is:
Find a manual fax machine and plug the DID card directly into the fax machine –
Fax something from the manual fax machine directly to the DID card by sending to your 4 digit numbers (or whatever your DID digits are)
If the DID cards are working properly you will see the C++ driver manager window appear on the FastFax processor that shows us receiving the fax. You should also see the fax from WRKFAXJOB in your inbound screen. If you see these things occur than the problem is with the phone line not the DID card.

I am getting a message in my QSYSOPR message q FASTFAX ERROR: FFXP001 has been changed to an ERROR status. Reply . . . When I look at the status of FFXP001 in the WRKFAXPRC screen it is activeWhat is causing this and how can I prevent it?

From an As/400 command line type FFXTOOLS
Take an f8 option to confirm the FastFax library –
On the selection line type 21 – hit enter and then choose f10
This will display the DTAFXS dtaara values –
In the last column halfway down the screen look for the value FXSLET and change the value from a 2 to a 9
Hit enter – then f8 to confirm – enter will bring you back the to FFXTOOLS menu and then f12 will bring you back out to command line.

This value tells the as/400 to ping to the FastFax processor and wait 2 seconds for a reply – if the AS/400 is busy with other processes and doesn’t have a chance to respond in this 2 second interval we will assume that we are no longer communicating with the system and put that message out in qsysopr message Q. Changing the value to a 9 increases this interval to 9 seconds which will allow for busy processing times on the systems.

There is a file in the FastFax library called FFXTRC that is large and I would like to clear that out. What is it and how can I clear it?

This is the FastFax trace file –
You can end the FastFax subsystem from the FFXMAIN menu –
Then from an ISeries command line type FFXTOOLS – choose f8 to confirm your library name
From the FastFax tools menu take option 2 to clear the FFXTRC file.

You can also run from an Iseries command line


Where do I find the current processor logs to send to Quadrant Support when they request it for review?

The logs are found on the processor in the path C:FastfaxFfxlogsP001_1.log.

How do I display the status in summary for outbound faxes?

At the Fastfax Main menu select option # 1. Work with fax messages. Then select F9=Status to display the FastFax System Status window, next select F20=Outbound totals.

Alternative instruction: at the iSeries command line key in WRKFAXJOB, F9=Status, F20=Outbound Totals.

How do I display the status summary for inbound faxes?

At the Fastfax Main menu select option # 1. Work with fax messages. Then select F9=Status to display the FastFax System Status window, next select F21=Inbound totals.

Alternative instruction: at the iSeries command line key in WRKFAXJOB, F9=Status, F21 Inbound Totals.

How do I stop the line information from printing on the top of all of my outbound faxes?

The information that is printed on the top line of the outbound fax is called the TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification)
This information comes from the line configuration in the FastFax systems. To turn this off or change the information from the FFXMAIN menu take option 5 for Configuration Menu.
Then from this menu take option 3 to work with FastFax lines. Take the line offline with an option 12 – once offline take a 2 to change and look for the value of FastFax identification stamp………… The value that is contained here is the TSI information that is being printed at the top of the line – along with the time of send and FastFax ID #.
To change that data you would make your change here and then put the line back online with an option 11 – To turn off the TSI from printing on the outbound fax on the value Print identification stamp on fax….. set to *NO.

I need to put my FastFax processor offline as part of my ISeries shutdown and startup procedure – This is an automated procedure how can I do this?

You can run FFX809CL first in shutdown to put in offline mode and then once again during the startup process to put back online and active.
From an Iseries command line type STRPDM – take option 3 to work with members – the file name is going to be FFXINFO and the library would be FASTFAX – look for the FFX809CL type is TXT – this will give you detail description of the parameters available to choose from and examples of the syntax to submit.

Upgrade to the new iseries and Faxes are going to CRT and disappearing.

Do Sign onto iseries as Security Officer. EndFfx on the iseries.

STRDFU take option 5 (Update data using temporary programs)

The file is FFXDBC, The library is FASTFAX

Page down to value: Fastfax Send Fax Job Number

Bump up the value for the DBCLID by 2000.

Save changes, StrFfx. Send a new Fax through

Upgrade to the new iseries and Faxes are going to CRT and disappearing.

Do Sign onto iseries as Security Officer. EndFfx on the iseries.

STRDFU take option 5 (Update data using temporary programs)

The file is FFXDBC, The library is FASTFAX

Page down to value: Fastfax Send Fax Job Number

Bump up the value for the DBCLID by 2000.

Save changes, StrFfx. Send a new Fax through

I have an alarm going off on my High Availability (HA) processor. How do I turn it off?

If you are hearing the alarm it is signaling that one of the hard drives is bad. To turn it off Click on Program filesAdapttecAdaptive Storage. Select Silence Alarm.

I am getting a “Memo In Use” error when trying to get into memo.

Type FFXTOOLS from an As/400 command line – choose f8 to confirm the library name
on the selection line choose option 102.

You will get: “Please enter FastFax user profile name:”

Put the AS/400 user profile name in and hit enter.

I would like to mirror the fastfax system on my disaster recovery machine – what should I exclude?


To not mirror Config info. Exclude these files -FFXLDC
*remeber to exclude all FastFax data area(s) and DTAQ(s) as well!

I am planning to do the FastFax update do I have to update ALL of my environments?

Yes ~ please type WRKFAXPRC on an As/400 command line –
This will show you all of your FastFax processors – take a 5 next to the *MASTER type and in the first column you will see *environments listed –
These are ALL of the FastFax environments that will be required to be updated at the same time due to database changes.

How many database links (dblinks) can you have active?

We only allow 9 dblinks to be active.

The reason for this is because we create 2 logical files for every active link. If we allowed them to activate more than this things may get out of control.

My FastFax processor is rebooting and I cannot see anything wrong when it does start back again – how do I troubleshoot this?

If there are no error messages appearing in the MainProcess window you will probably need to forward over a log file to the Support Group for analysis.

If you open windows explorer on the FastFax processor and navigate to C:FASTFAXFFXLOGS folder – the file to send to us is P001_1.log file – please email to

I am getting the error MCH1210: Receiver value to small to hold result on an automerge and the spoolfile is not being processed.

The problem is that the file number of the spooled file is over 4 digits – we only support file numbers up to 9999 in release 5.2 and below.

To fix this problem you should update to the latest FastFax release or end and start the job that is creating the spoolfiles and this should start the numbering back to a 4 digit value.

I took an option 10-print to print a Sent fax from my Work with Outbound Faxes Screen and nothing is printing. I tried holding the printer out queue and submitting the request and nothing shows up. How do I fix this?

A printer share needs to be created:

a)From the iSeries command line key in FFXTOOLS, press enter.

b)Select F8 at the warning window. Select option #87. Work with iSeries NetServer and file/print shares.

c)Take an F6 to create the printer share, select *PRINT for the share type press enter and type the share name and outq queue information, press enter, F8 to confirm creation.

Is there support for software update of FastFax and Formtastic using Virtual Optical Devices(VOD)?

V5R2 VODs do not support the Load and Run (LODRUN) command

We load or update + installs with the LODRUN command so unfortunately, the VOD (Virtual Optical Device) is not supported.

So the answer for FastFax and Formtastic support for VOD is no.