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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Is it possible to automate faxing for PC documents?

If you purchased Development Tools, there is a module called LAN/API. Unlike API on the iSeries where you embed fax commands in the spool file, LAN/API looks for a parameter file or fax file. In this parameter file, you define the fax information like recipient and fax number. You also define the UNC path to the document you wish to fax. Once set up, FastFax monitors the folder you defined as the location where these parameter files live, delivers the document to fax, and processes them automatically.
LAN/API can be run in three different modes. 1.) Processor mode (recommended). You can define up to 3 UNC paths to be monitored for parameter files. 2.) Server mode. Runs on network file server and can only scan 1 path for parameter files. 3.) Client Executable. Runs on a PC and can only monitor one path for parameter file.

Can I run a job that monitors a network folder and looks for a Word document for automatic delivery?

If you purchase Development Tools with FastFax, then you have LAN/API. This development tool monitors up to 3 paths and can automatically fax / email PC documents. FastFax will monitor these directories for a parameter file. From this parameter file, FastFax picks up recipient information, how to transmit (fax or e-mail), and the path where the PC document is on your network.