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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Is it possible to map data from both a spool file and a database file?

No. Forms can use spool files or database files, but not both.

You can print the different text by creating a condition according to the copy number and then printing to a distribution list. For example, you would add the text ORIGINAL, then go into conditions and specify the text to appear when copy number = 1. Add the text COPY and condition that to appear on copy number = 2. Then, create a distribution list specifying that copy number 1 goes to this printer and copy 2 goes to another printer or the same printer. It doesn’t matter. The end result is that copy 1 will have ORIGINAL and copy 2 will have COPY printed on it. When you run the merge, specify the distribution list as the output queue.

I have a 300 page invoice spooled file, but I only need to reprint one invoice and merge it using Formtastic. Can I do this and how?

Yes. In Formtastic, run a manual merge from the Forms Menu, option 4. On the merge options, enter a FROM page and TO page range. This will only merge that form with that page range. Remember, when you merge from an output queue, you must specify spool file attributes. If there are multiple spool files in that output queue, then Formastic will pick up the first one it sees and do a page range merge. If you did not specify a page range, Formtastic will pick up all spool files based on that selection criteria.

I am trying to merge an AFP form with an AFP spool file but it isn’t printing.

You cannot merge an AFP form with an AFP spool file. The spool file needs to be SCS.

How do you attach a Terms and Conditions form to an iSeries merged formtastic spoolfile that is being faxed thru FastFax?

On the merge you need to specify Duplex mode *YES then pass the Terms and Conditions form name for Back side form name. This will attach a Terms and Conditions form when faxing

When sending a Formtastic merged spoolfile to FastFax, how can I attach another document, like a Terms and Conditions form?

In the merge you need to specify duplex mode as *yes, than update the Form Name to use the document you’d like to attach (in this example would be the T&C form)