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Outbound Fax Messages

What is the maximum number of recipients that can be associated with one spool file?

A maximum of 999 recipients can be associated with any fax job. If the entire spool file is the fax, then 999 recipients can be specified. If you’re using FastFax API jobs and the spool file has multiple fax jobs in it, then each fax job within that spool file has a limit of 999 recipients.
If you need to send a document to more than 999 recipients, then you need to send the same spool file multiple times. I would recommend using the FastFax Phonebooks and take advantage of the Broadcast List feature. This feature allows you to create one phonebook entry that defines up to 999 recipients. You can create multiple Broadcast Lists (of up to 999 recipients) to easily complete such a job.

What does the error ‘NoRspPPS’ mean?

This means that there was ‘no response to partial page sent’. FastFax sent data to the receiving fax machine but never got a confirmation back stating that it was actually received.

Can we search the outbound fax history to find a supplier name or fax number and avoid scrolling down past all faxes?

Yes, There are several sort options available, a function key to position to a specific fax job, as well as a filter to only show specific fax job status.

You can sort the outbound faxes by Description, Position, Recipient,

Company, Fax Number, or Date & Time Descending by pressing F23 to select the sort.

Then, you could use the function key ‘F16’ to position the list to a

specific Company, Date, Description, Fax Number, or Recipient.

In addition, you can also only show specific types of FastFax

Job Status types such as Sent, Sending, Pending, Error, Create, Deleted, Ready, or Held fax jobs.

On the outbound fax history I am getting the following error:02/23/2007 09:15:40 CREATE-ERROR ABC Tester Number of pages in this entry exceeds your maximum pages you can transmit.

Make note of the User Profile (example, user is ABC Tester) and number of pages on the fax.

Go the FFXMAIN menu option 2. Work with FastFax profiles and take a ‘2’ to change the profile for ‘ABC Tester’. Take a ‘2’ General Defaults, then increase accordingly the “Maximum pages profile can transmit.”

Why are faxes are taking a long time to go out? They go out, but there’s a delay.

For FastFax version 4.61 and below: On the processor, EndFfx and set the time for daylight savings. Strffx.

I have faxes stuck in CRT status on the As/400 and on the FastFax processor I am seeing the same transactions scrolling in the DBManager window and not changing and if I look in my c:FastFaxffxlogsP001_1.log file I see:Faxes are stuck in a CRT status in the P log we see errors stating Error data: Code=-406, Message:[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver][DB2 UDB]SQL0406- Conversion error on assignment to column FSQEXP., State:22005. –Or– – Conversion error on assignment to column FSQRSL., State:22005.

On the Fastfax processor double click on the ISQL icon
In the bottom portion of the window type:

*NOTE FSQRSL is the resolution field 1 = fine 0 = standard



Faxes will go straight to a SNT status; you will not see them go to RDY status since they have already been sent by the FastFax Processor.

How can I delete all of the faxes that are in my WRKFAXJOB screen that are in error status?


From an As/400 command line type FFXTOOLS and then choose f8 to confirm the library.

Then on the selection line choose 113.

You will have the option here to resend or delete ALL faxes that appear in ERR status in the WRKFAXJOB screen.

Please note in QuadraDocV ou can tell configure your purge to removve ERR faxes please call support for more details.