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I have FastFax/Enterprise along with several installed PC clients. From the PC client, I cannot see the iSeries *PUBLIC phonebook entries. All my recipient information is in the FastFax phonebooks and I need this to be available when faxing PC documents. Is there anyway this can be done?

FastFax synchronizes database information to all platforms (iSeries & file servers). Public phonebooks are the exception (personal and departmental books are synchronized, though). Public phonebooks are set up this way because public entries on the iSeries are not the same public entries on the network file servers in most cases. However, you can do a Remote Search on the iSeries, bring *PUBLIC entries over to the file server temporarily, and add recipients to your fax job. Depending on the number of public entries you have, I would recommend you add search criteria (company name, last name, first name or fax number) to reduce the number of records transferred and minimize the time it takes.

Is there any way to import entries into a FastFax phonebook? We have another application with many names and fax numbers which we can export. Is it possible to bring them into FastFax?

Yes! There are two options:

* First Option, if you have the Development Tools as part of the FastFax product:

a)From the iSeries (AS400) command line key in STRPDM and press enter.

b)Select option #3 Work with members press enter. Key in FFXINFO for file and FASTFAX for library, press enter.

c)Page down to the LOADPBK member and take a 5 to display the member. This contains sample source for loading FASTFAX PhoneBook files.

* The second option: create a database link entry.

a)Select from the FFXMAIN menu option #5. FastFax configuration menu.

b)Select option 8. FastFax database links. The Database Links feature allows you to create FastFax PhoneBook entries from existing database files.

You can always ask assistance from our Professional Services department in configuring and setting up additional options in FastFax. Call sales at 508-594-2700 if you are interested.