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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


When I merge a form, the form name appears on the bottom of the document. How can I remove that?

This is defined by the user profile. In Formtastic, you are not required to enroll all users. If a user is not enrolled, the *DEFAULT user is used. Within the profile, there is a setting for “Print Form Name”. The options are TL, TR, TC, BL, BR, and BC. TL is for top left, TR is for top right, TC is for top center, BL is for bottom left and so on. If you don’t want to print the form name, just blank out this parameter.

Is there a way to suppress the printing of certain pages within a merge based on criteria in the spool file?

With version 5.3.0 and higher you can do this using the PRTNO command.

How can I send different copies to different printers? For example, I want copy1 to go to printer A, copy2 to printer B.

Sure! You will need to go to the forms menu and take option 7, “Work with distribution lists”, then you need to setup a distribution list for the different copies and printers. When the manual merge is run specify the distribution lists name in the manual merge screen for the value “Send Spool File Merged With Form To:”