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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


Can we prevent someone from signing onto our iSeries using the FFXSYS profile and not stop the FastFax processor from connecting and processing fax jobs?

Yes. Change the FFXSYS profile and set the Initial Menu to be *SIGNOFF. This will prevent users from utilizing this profile to get onto your iSeries and will not affect the FastFax processor.

How do I change my user profile to allow another user to send faxes using my resources?

You can modify any FastFax profile to allow that profile user to send documents for specific user(s) or all users. From a command line enter FFXMAIN and [Enter], take Option #2 to work with FastFax profiles. Take Option #2 to (Change) the profile and then option #2 for General Defaults.
This gives other individuals the authority to access the user profile’s resources such as Sending faxes, working with Outbound or Inbound faxes and working with Phonebooks, Notebooks and Attachment Books.This is mainly used when someone will be on vacation and needs another user to take care of their fax jobs for a limited time. If your case is that you need this ability all the time, then change your profile to have that authority.

I have a profile on my iSeries called VTXSERVICE. Do I need this profile?

If you are not using the FastFax Capture module then you do not need this profile. If you are using the FastFax Capture module, then this profile is used to keep our programs in the proper state.

Where do you update the company name in FastFax?

Go to the Fastfax Main Menu, take opt 2, Fastfax user profiles. Then take a 2 on Company, update the company name. Afterwards, go to the Comfiguration Menu, and take a opt 3, work with fastfax lines. Then take a opt 5 on you’re lines. Verify that the company name isn’t in FastFax identification stamp.
If it is than take the lines offline and update the FastFax identification stamp. Put the lines online.

How can I configure FastFax so that users are able to use phonebooks but not be able to change/delete the phonebooks?

Go to the Fastfax user profile, take a 2 on the user
than a 2 on general defaults.
Foll to 2nd page, look for:
Resource authorities: phonebooks
Change to *list. Here, you will be able to update the user to what you want them to be able to do in phonebooks.

How do I change the amount of pages a user can transmit?

FFXMAIN, option 2 Fastfax User Profile. Put a 2 on General Defaults. Under Maximum pages can transmit you can increase the amount of pages sent.

I need to have a user see faxes for everyone in the dept.

FFXMAIN, option 2 for the Fastfax User Profile. Put 2 on General Defaults. Page down 1 screen, Change the value for Work With Outbound Faxes. Can prompt on field and choose LIST to have user only view and work with the users in dept or can select *ALL and work with everyone in the dept.

I have my user profiles setup to receive messages when their faxes go into error status but they are continuing to get these messages over and over again – how can I stop this?

We have a scan time option that is configured that rescans the outbound faxq for errors and will resend the error messages to the users until the faxes or emails are either deleted or the error condition is resolved and they are resent.
To turn this off you can type FFXMAIN and take option 5 for Configuration menu – take option 1 for system environment defaults –
Take a 2 on General Defaults and look for:
Scan time for outbound error messages…
change this value to 999 and we will not scan

I need to delete a user profile from FastFax. What happens if they have address books assigned to them?

When you delete a Fastfax profile, if they have any phonebook entries associated you will be prompted during the delete process to move these to another user – you can choose another Fastfax user to take ownership of these items at this time.

What authority does the FFXSYS user require?



These are our default settings –
We would need additional authority if we needed to access any particular files due to DBLINK setup or authority to any objects that have *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE.