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How can I tell if my purge is set up to run?

There are two places you should check: one for Processor and one for iSeries.

Go to FFXMAIN, Option 5 (Configuration menu), Option 1 (System defaults).

1. Processor purge. Put a 2 on General System defaults, page down 1 screen, purge settings will be set at the top of the screen for eligible Outbound faxes and Outbound details. Values are Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

2. iSeries purge. Put a 2 on iseries environment, page down 1 screen, purge settings are set on the bottom of screen. Auto purge eligible data/files/memos. Values are Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

How do I purge faxes in an error (ERR) status?

For faxes to be purged, they must be either in an ‘SNT’ or ‘DLT’ status. You need to take an option 4 on the errored faxes for them to transition to a deleted (DLT) status. Also, they will need to be in a ‘DLT’ status for 24 hours before the purge function will actually purge them.

When I started the subsystem, the purge started running. How can I end the purge so that faxes can be delivered?

You will need to do an ENDFFX at a command line to end the subsystem. Once the subsystem has ended type FFXTOOLS at a command line and do an F8 (if you get a warning). At a command line, type the following: CHGDTAARA DTAARA(FASTFAX/DTAFXS (78 1)) VALUE(‘0’) -and hit enter. You can then start the subsystem using the STRFFX command at a command line. The subsystem should start and the purge should not run.

How do I clean up the FFXTRC file? It is extremely large and I do not know how to purge it.

You will need to end the FastFax subsystem by typing ENDFFX at a command line. Afterwards, type FFXTOOLS and hit F8 at the warning. Take option 2 to clear the trace file. Also, take option 21 to work with the DTAFXS data area. Do an F10. In the second column, second entry there is a field FXSSW3 – if there is a 1 here go ahead and blank it out. Hit F8 and then exit with F3. Clearing this field will eliminate unneeded entries in the FFXTRC file. You can go ahead and start the subsystem back up by typing the STRFFX command at the command line.

What outbound faxes does the purge clean up?

The purge will look at all faxes in a DLT and SNT status, then it looks at the save copy.

If the save copy has passed the fax, it will get purged.

It will not purge any faxes in RDY, HLD or ERR status.

What type of inbound faxes does the purge clean?

The purge will look at all faxes in a OPN and DLT status. Then it looks at the save copy. If the save copy has passed the fax will get purged. It will not purge any faxes in NEW or ERR status.

Faxes in ERR status are not being purged off the system.

FastFax does not purge faxes that are in ERR status. Faxes have to be set to DLT status to be eligible for purging.

Faxes are not being purged from the iSeries. How can I determine if the purge is set up on the iSeries?

Go to FFXMAIN, option 5 Configuration, option 1 System Environment Defaults. 2 on iSeries environment, page down one page. Value for Auto Purge eligible data/files/memos. This is the value for the iSeries purge.

How can I determine how long a fax is saved?

On the Work with Outbound Faxes screen put a 5 on the fax. It will tell you how many days the fax will be saved before being eligible to get purged. Save Copy (Left side of display screen 7 from the bottom).