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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


I do not have a digital phone system in place can I still take advantage of QuadraDocV?

Yes there are VoIP service providers as well as other solutions that can be out in place. Please contact sales so we can see what solution would work best for your Company.

What are the advantages of QuadraConnector over any of the Legacy Email Gateway’s previously sold by Quadrant Software?

QuadraConnector utilizes the SMTP capabilities of the customer’s mail server, or SAP server, or any messaging system that has SMTP capabilities.  QuadraConnector transforms rfc-compliant SMTP messages into QuadraDocV messages – this removes any reliance or dependencies on any particular brand of mail server, as long as the mail server or ERP server produces rfc-compliant SMTP.

Are there any differences in using QuadraConnector versus using one of the Quadrant legacy gateways?

The mail addresses need to be SMTP compliant, so in some cases the format of the email address has changed. 

For example:

In the legacy NOTES Gateway, the format of a mail message was <NAME>@<FAX#>@FASTFAX.  The smtp compliant mail address is now <NAME>@<FAX#>

In both the legacy EXCHANGE gateway and the legacy SMTP gateway, the format of a mail message was <NAME>@<FAX#>.fastfax. The smtp compliant mail address is now <NAME>@<FAX#>

Do I need to install QuadraConnector on a QDV Server, or can I install it on a standalone server?

QuadraConnector must be installed on a QDV Server Windows Server 2008 or 2012.

How is QuadraConnector configured?

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) manager is an integral part of configuring QuadraConnector. As such, IIS virtual servers are configured for each email server domain and IP. QuadraConnector is then configured to work with the IIS relay.  

How is FastFax configured to use QuadraConnector?

FastFax configuration is similar to the SMTP gateway configuration. Configuring FastFax for multiple email servers is simplified with QuadraConnector because one QuadraConnector gateway install and configuration handles multiple email servers.  With the Domino, SMTP and Exchange Gateways each gateway is configured separately in FastFax.

Will I need new CDs? Will I have to install new software?

No, QuadraConnector comes prepackaged with QDV 5.5 and merely has to be “turned on” (some additional windows features must also be turned on).