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How do I change the FFXSYS password on all environments?

First, make sure that the processor is communicating with the iSeries. At an iSeries command line, type WRKFAXPRC and hit ‘Enter’. Take option 12 to take the processor offline. When prompted, select ‘controlled’. Now change the password on all the environments including the processor. Once the password has been changed, go back to the iSeries WRKFAXPRC screen. Take option 2 to change. Reflect the new password on all the environment defaults include the *BOX. Hit ‘Enter’ and then take option 11 to put the processor online. The processor will go into RESET status. When it comes back up it will connect to the environments using the new passwords.

Will there be any FastFax issues when I change my security level from 30 to 40?

If you’re running OS 400 version V5R2M0 or higher alongside FastFax V4.5.2 or lower, then you will need to contact Quadrant Software Technical Support for a program fix.

I just loaded a new security code onto the processor and it reboots every 5 minutes. How do I fix this?

On the processor End In Windows Explorer, access C:FastfaxFfxcfg. Remove the seccode.bak. file found in this folder. Afterwards, restart Fastfax (STRFFX).

We are changing our Security Level on our Iseries to 50 will FastFax work with this level?

We currently do not support security level 50 for capturing –
FastFax will work with this security level but you will not be able to use the capture feature

How do I view the security code on the iSeries?

From the iSeries command line type in FASTFAX/FFXSECURE press enter. That will show you the security code and expiration date.

How can I tell how many open licenses I have for the WindowFax product?

At the AS400 command line, key in the command ‘FFXSECURE’ press enter, screen page 2 will show you how many user you are licensed for.