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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i


After upgrading the Facsimile Support software on the iSeries, faxes which are submitted using the FSNDFAX command are not being delivered. In the FFXCONTROL joblog there are errors stating there is an error FAX0303 Spool file number * not valid. This error is for the FSNDFAX command (QFFSNDFVCP).

You will need to end the FastFax. Once it is ended you will need to rename the FSVDFAX command in the QSYS library to FSNDFAXO. Now you will need to copy the SNDFAX in QSYS to QSYS and call it FSNDFAX. You can then start FastFax back up. Everything should go active and the faxes should now transmit.