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How do I determine what version of FastFax I’m running?

At an iSeries command line type FFXTOOLS (if prompted with a warning window hit F8) and take option 101. This shows the FastFax release level. On the GUI side, check the version by opening the FastFax Bar, right click on the title bar, and select ‘About FastFax’. You’ll see your FastFax version there. The version also is also displayed in the MainProc window on the processor.

How can I verify what version of the FastFax software I am running?

FFXTOOLS (F8 beyond warning window) option 101 gives the version release for the processor and iSeries.

Is FastFax And Formtastic are both compatible with the IBM OS V5R4M0?

FastFax And Formtastic are both compatible with the IBM OS/V5R4M0
The only requirement that you will need to ensure is that you are loading the group PTF SF99504 as part of your operating system update.
To ensure that you have this ptf in place you can run WRKPTFGRP SF99504 from an ISeries command line this will confirm if the ptf has been installed.