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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

First, check to see if an output queue already exists: FFXOTQSAV in library FASTFAX. If not, use CRTOUTQ to create this output queue. From a command line, type FFXTOOLS and [Enter] and press F8 to confirm the library FASTFAX. Select Tool #21. Select F10=Change values. Find FXSXSV and place a ‘Y’ (without the quotation marks and must be capitalized) next to it. Hit [Enter] and F8 to confirm. Hit F12 twice to return to the command line. All of the original spooled files will be saved in FASTFAX/FFXOTQSAV. [Note: the FastFax auto and manual purges will not purge this output queue. You must do this yourself.]

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