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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

At a command line, type WRKFAXPRC and hit enter. Take option 12 to put the processor offline, and then select ‘offline controlled’ when prompted. Once the processor is offline, take option 2 to change the processor and then option 2 on the AS/400 environment. Reflect the new configuration here line description, IP address, etc… Hit enter once the information has been updated and enter again so it brings you back to the ‘Work with Processors’ screen.
***If the processor is still connected to the iSeries continue with these steps. Otherwise, skip to the next section.
Take option 11 to put the processor online. The processor will go into a reset status. This will force the processor to reboot and when it comes back up it will use the new IP information to connect to the iSeries.
***If the processor is not connecting to the AS/400 follow these steps.
On the Work with Processors screen, take option 6 to create a configuration file. Hit enter on the prompts. You will get a message that the configuration disk was created successfully. You will now need to map a drive to the Quadrant directory on the iSeries to the \iSeriesQuadrantFastFaxFFXCFG directory. In here you will have a FFXP001.cfg file. You will need to copy this to a blank floppy diskette. You will then take this disk to the processor. FastFax should not be running on the processor. Insert the diskette and then click on the STRFFX icon. The processor will read the diskette and then prompt you to remove the diskette. Once the diskette is removed the processor will reboot itself. When it comes back up it will connect using the new IP address information.

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