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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

You can only accomplish this if you have the FastFax Email Gateway installed on your Mail Server. (To check, look at the services running on your email server. If FastFax Email Gateway is installed and running you will see it listed as FastFax Gateway and it should show as status of started.)

From the Iseries:
Type FFXMAIN and take option 5 from this menu for FastFax configuration menu.
From the FFXCONFIG menu take option 5 for FastFax inbound routing table
Take an option F6 to create a new entry –
Setup the routing entry for inbound fax to be received making sure that you choose *YES for the value Receive into OPN status
This will change the inbound status of the fax from *NEW to *OPEN allowing the FastFax purge to delete these records once it has become eligible to purge.
Then on the value for Forward to email setup with *YES and supply the email address where we will be routing the inbound fax to –

From your FastFax Client:
Choose FastFax Administration from your FastFax Client
Choose Inbound Routing Table
At the top choose Edit and then New Table Entry
Setup the routing entry for inbound fax to be received making sure that on the tab for Routing Info 1 you have selected to receive fax into open status and on the tab for Routing Info 1 you add the email address or user profile that the inbound fax will be routed to.

ADDED FEATURE in FastFax releases 4.6.0 and Above:
Be aware that in the FastFax releases 4.6.0 and above you can setup primary and secondary entries using the same routing information but supplying FastFax with a different user profile and email addresses to deliver. Simply add an additional routing entry as instructed above and choose S for value Primary or secondary entry.

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