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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

From an As/400 command line type FFXTOOLS
Take an f8 option to confirm the FastFax library –
On the selection line type 21 – hit enter and then choose f10
This will display the DTAFXS dtaara values –
In the last column halfway down the screen look for the value FXSLET and change the value from a 2 to a 9
Hit enter – then f8 to confirm – enter will bring you back the to FFXTOOLS menu and then f12 will bring you back out to command line.

This value tells the as/400 to ping to the FastFax processor and wait 2 seconds for a reply – if the AS/400 is busy with other processes and doesn’t have a chance to respond in this 2 second interval we will assume that we are no longer communicating with the system and put that message out in qsysopr message Q. Changing the value to a 9 increases this interval to 9 seconds which will allow for busy processing times on the systems.

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