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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

For FastFax to successfully print to this outq you will need to setup a share for this printer.

To do this on your iSeries type FFXTOOLS, hit enter and you will be prompted to verify you are in the correct FastFax library. Select f8.

Verify the library name and choose F8.

On the selection line select 87 and hit enter. This will show the Work with iSeries NetServer screen. You will need to setup a *PRINT share.

Select F6 to Create and choose *Print when prompted.

Name your Print share the same name as the outq is named on your iSeries.

Next give it a description and define the name of the outq and library you will be printing to. (The library name must be entered *libl will not work)

The printer driver text is to remain blank. Choose the spooled file type from the choices shown – if not sure, 4 is the best option.

Once the printer share is created you should be able to successfully print to this outq using option 10.

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