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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

FastFax uses outbound routing codes to dial a specific number (i.e. local, long distance, or international). When you installed FastFax, you entered the local exchanges for your area code into the FastFax outbound routing table. This information tells FastFax to dial locally if the exchange is in the table, otherwise it dials long distance.

To send international faxes, you have 3 choices.
1.) Use the API command *IN for changing the international code from default (USA) to “INT” and enter the country code and number.
2.) Use the API command *IN, put in the specific country code and just give us the number minus the country code.
3.) Use the API command *IN with a value of “OTH” and give us everything, including the 011. The “OTH” value bypasses checking the outbound routing codes and dials the number just as you gave it to us.

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