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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

When you modify an image, you must save it as a black & white file with the resolution set at 200 dpi. Also, if this image is a landscape-formatted document, then it needs to be rotated to print in a portrait setting. Once the image has been saved using the proper settings, copy it back into the FFXGRE directory on the iSeries. Now you then need to go into the FastFax Graphic table on the iSeries & redefine the form. To do this, take option 2 on the form. Where it says ‘New FastFax File Name’, key in the name of the file which was placed in the FFXGRE folder (even it is the same as the original name). Hit ‘Enter’. The change should not be reflected on the form.

Posted in: Fastfax, Graphic