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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

The following has to be set up for a template to pick up a spooled file: (1) the status of the spooled file must be ‘RDY’; (2) the ‘Default time for Extractor’ (in the iSeries environment defaults) must be enabled; To check this type FFXCONFIG and [Enter], take option ‘1’ FastFax system/environment defaults and place a ‘2’ to change beside your iSeries Environment (3) the template’s output queue scan interval must be enabled and the select criteria must match the details on the spooled file. To check this, type FFXCONFIG and [Enter] take option ‘7’ to work with templates. Take Option #2 (Change) on the template. Tab over to ‘Defaults’ and hit [Enter]. Take option ‘1’ Output queue/scan. Make changes and press [Enter]. Press F3 to exit and then hit [Enter] to save the change.

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