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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Formtastic has two commands available to automate the starting and stopping of the Auto Merges, ‘STARTAM’ & ‘STOPAM’.  These commands can be used with a SBMJOB command or put in a scheduled job list. They start and stop the Auto Merges based on the schedule date and time you supply.

Note: You must have the FTASTIC library in your library list when you submit this job.


There are other commands to run the Form and Check Merges, Printing the Audit Log, Purging the Audit Log, Downloading Forms and Images to a Printer, and Deleting Resources from a Printer.  Also as of version 5.4.3 we have an Auto-Start feature where we will automatically start the Auto merges when he Formtastic subsystem is started.

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