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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

1. At an iSeries command line type FFXCONFIG and hit ‘Enter’. This brings you to the FastFax Configuration menu. Take option 1 for the FastFax system / environment defaults. Take option 2 on your existing file server environment and update the FileServer name and type. Hit ‘Enter’ & exit back to the Configuration Menu.

2. Next, take option 2 from Configuration Menu (Work with FastFax Processors). Take option 12 to put the processor offline & select *immed when prompted.

3. Now perform a brand new FastFax software install on the new fileserver using the FastFax File Server CD. Be sure to use the proper version of FastFax.

4. Now go back to iSeries and take option 2 on the Processor (FFXP001), and then take option 2 on the File Server environment. Update any information that has changed (link type to network, IP address and unc path, etc.). Hit ‘Enter’ when finished.

5. Now take option 2 on the *General, *Box, and change the following values:
Database refresh……… *YES
Source environment…….. 001
Target environment…….. 002
Hit ‘Enter’ when done.
Press F8 to confirm.

6. The processor will reboot and make the connections to the new file server. On the ‘Work With FastFax Processors’ screen, FFXP001 will go to a ‘DBSyncStarted’ status, and once the refresh is finished it will go into a ‘DBSyncFinish’ status. At this point, take option 11 to put the processor online. Once it goes into ‘Active’ status you are all set.

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