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Formtastic 5.4.5 Service Pack 6 Available Now


We are pleased to announce that the Formtastic 5.4.5 Service Pack 6 is available now. The latest release provides several functionality enhancements, of particular interest are support for 2D barcodes including QR and DataMatrix barcodes, the ability to automate file and history purges, the new document security and change history tracking features, and the support for and ACH CCD+. Read below for details on the release, or watch a brief video on these features:

*IMPORTANT: Existing Formtastic customers must apply a new security code during installation. See last bullet for details.


2D Barcode support

  • Introduced 2D DataMatrix barcode adhering to GS1 Application Identifiers
  • Introduced QR Barcode
  • Both currently can handle 70 characters.


Purge files and history programmatically

  • Added a feature that enables users to run file and history purges automatically. Users can set up a WRKSBMJOB entry and call a user created CL that contains a call to FO508BR with 3 parms (‘DEFAULT’ ‘DEFAULT’ and ‘*ALL’). This will purge everything except the last 30 days of information


Document change management security and tracking

  • Introduced support to track which users save and restore documents.  New data base file FORSTDT will contain the Job name, job user, job number, timestamp. Document name, is it a Form, Check, Label or FMTR template, is it an ADD or REPLACE to the current library.
  • Introduced new security to enforce internal document change management protocols. To prevent users from accessing the SAVE & RESTORE menu option, their security level can be set to *PRINT within Formtastic.


ACH & CCD+ for Health Plan payments compliance

  • Health Plans are required to offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) reimbursement payments to healthcare providers in a standardized format which includes an ACH CCD+ addenda record.
  • This enhancement introduced 2 new data base files. The file/history purge process described above will clean these up as well.


Other updates in this service pack include:



  • Added support to handle if a packed field does not contain a numeric value
  • If there are two queries in the same template over the same file we will reread the keysfieldmembers file each time
  • Process Formatter only merges and create the data area as needed
  • Determine if a complete single page is generated before processing more input data



  • Support conditions when defined in a label
  • Support Trade Mark symbol when printing to Intermec printer
  • Support barcode on a multi copy label


Auto Merge

  • Enhancement to handle large spooled files with a front and back side form and also faxing and/or emailing
  • Formatter work data queue & output queue will no longer increase automatically endlessly. End Formtastic subsystem and the old objects can be deleted manually.
  • Continue to process spooled file pages when a partial fax number has already been read


Merge issues

  • Determine conditions on front and back side forms when filing
  • Process through spooled file even if invalid email address is provided
  • Process through whole line of data before breaking off index values
  • Enhancement to handle the PAGE command when spooled file contains API commands and data on the same page


5.4.5 Service Pack 6 ‘Update’ requires new security code –

  • Update of Formtastic 5.4.5 SP6 will now require customers to apply a new security code as part of the installation process
  • Failure to apply a new security code may result in system instabilities
  • To obtain your security code, users should contact Quadrant Tech Support at (800) 258-3399 or


About Formtastic
Formtastic is an easy-to-use document automation solution that enables you to custom design forms, checks, and bar code labels from a desktop-based interface designer. From there, Formtastic extracts spooled data from your IBM i and inserts it into a new business form. You can then automatically fax, email, print or store the newly formatted electronic document within a network.

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Learn more or schedule a live demo at:


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