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Formtastic Version 10.1 is Now Available

Formtastic 10.1 improves check security, automates output queue definition and enhances productivity.


We are pleased to announce that Formtastic 10.1 is now available. The main features of this release include dynamically defined printer output queues, improved check security and a file command report for Forms and Checks that lists all file output paths.


Dynamically Defined Printer Output Queues

The printer output queue for each Form can now be defined dynamically by either passing the output queue parameters in the spool file header, or by looking up the output queue in a DB2 table using the Formatter module. This lets users print to any of their supported printer output queues without manually defining each one, as was previously required.


File Command Reports

Users can now quickly pull up a list of all Forms and Checks containing a File Command, as well as the file output path.


Merge Logging Deactivation

Users now have the ability to deactivate merge logging. This is useful for customers running a large number of daily merges, where the log file size may impact system performance.


Improved Security Against Check Fraud

Administrators now have the option of preventing users from printing a check from anywhere in the menu if they use an invalid signature file. Previously, the check would print missing the signature, but now nothing will print and the activity will be logged.


Check Menu Security Enhancement

Administrators can prevent users from accessing the CHECK menu if the user doesn’t have the *MASTER permission.


Zebra Label Images Stored in Printer Memory

Users now have the option of storing images in the Zebra printer flash memory, which means one less step to ensure images print correctly on Zebra printers.


Unused File Command Indexes Automatically Deleted

If users create File Commands via green screen, Formtastic will now automatically delete the related unused indexes instead of relying on the user to manually delete each one.


In addition to these updates, there have been various program fixes to correct minor issues. You can view the full release notes here.

When upgrading to Formtastic 10.1, be sure to upgrade any PC components (Design Client, Formatter) in addition to the IBM i component. Version numbers for all components must match.

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