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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Green in Tech Support

Green in Tech Support

Webster defines green as many things including pleasantly alluring, fresh and new, and tending to preserve environmental quality. Quadrant Software’s document creation and delivery solutions for IBM i allows companies to go green, eliminating the need for paper and reducing a companies overall carbon footprint. We strive to help companies reduce their impact on the environment.

There is another meaning for ‘green’ that stands out to me… not yet matured or experienced, learning, new to a subject. That describes my position at Quadrant Software now as a Technical Support Representative. I have spent months in training and I am fresh and “green” on the phones. I am utilizing everything I have been taught to answer customer inquiries. My experience is within software technical support, but as we all know each piece of software and hardware is different. New databases, new problems and new solutions, you really have to learn the product inside and out. This can be a huge transition for anyone.

Quadrant Software’s technical support team is well known within the industry for being the best – the most knowledgeable, friendly and quick to answer your questions. That is a lot to live up to. I can say this from the inside, you have to have the know how and the desire to succeed but with the training provided and the extensive knowledge of the team it’s amazing and achievable. I feel proud to be part of the technical support team and look forward to working with all of our customers.

Its not easy being “Green” but it sure is exciting and fun with a team like this.

Angela Green
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