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Inbound Fax Summary – Tech Tip

Tech Tip – Inbound Fax Status Summary

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One question that comes up from time-to-time is how do you display the status summary for inbound faxes in FastFax?

At the FastFax main menu, select option #1 "Work with Fax Messages."

This will take you to the "Work with Inbound Faxes" page.

Hit F9 – "Status" to be taken to the Fastfax System Status Menu

From this menu hit F21 – "Inbound Totals" to be taken to the status page. Here you can see what is happening with your inbound faxes.

An alternative method is through the iSeries command line. On the line, type in WRKFAXJOB.

Follow the same steps as before. Take F9 – "Status" then follow it by hitting F21 – "Inbound Totals."

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