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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i

Processor Model Tier Upgrade Information Request

Please submit this form to request information on upgrading your IBM i processor model to a higher tier.

*To request an updated version of a Quadrant Software product, please use the form located here.

  • iSeries Serial number

    1. Go to iSeries Command Line
    2. Type DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR on the comand line

  • Model Number

    1. Go to an iSeries command line:
    2. Type DSPSYSVAL QMODEL on the command line

  • Processor / Feature Code

    1. Go to an iSeries command line:
    2. Type DSPSYSVAL QPRCFEAT on the command line

  • LPAR (Logical Partition) Number

    For iSeries versions lower than V5R3 use steps (1-4)
    For V5R3 or higher use steps (5-7)

    1. Go to iSeries command line:
    2. Type STRSST on the command line:
    3. Type the User ID and Password
    4. Select option 5 to Work with Partitions
      fill in the box on the right with number shown in the “Partition identifier”
    5. Launch HMC (Hardware Management Console**)
    6. Right mouse click on the partition from Server and Partitions
    7. Then, left mouse click on Properties (the default tab is Properties)

  • OS / 400 Version

    1. Go to an iSeries command line:
    2. Type WRKLICINF on the command line
    3. In the “Description” column, find “Operating System / 400”
    4. Record the value in the “License Term” column here:
    5. Example:
    Product License Term Feature Description
    5722S1 V5R3MO 5050 Operating System / 400

  • For instructions on finding available partitions on an iSeries, click here