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Keeping Businesses Clean With SAP Applications

SAP is widely known for being the third largest multinational software company in the world. With hundreds of applications and thousands of partners, SAP provides business solutions to some of the world’s most productive corporations. Large and small, companies seek these solutions to improve the efficiency standards of their business practice.


W.W. Grainger Inc. is a distributor of maintenance and repair products for a variety of operating facilities. More than 3000 manufacturers entrust this distribution company with products ranging from pumps and motors to tools and supplies. For many years, 30 percent of Grainger’s 18,500 employees have manually filled out over 65,000 expense reports per year by hand. With this, Grainger sought a solution that would automate these expense reports with the information that was previously inputted by the company at the time of booking.


Looking to make this process more efficient, Grainger utilized GetThere [a travel management application integrated with SAP Travel Management] in order to meet these goals. Now, Grainger has booking information already entered into the expense reports, requiring employees to just record their incurred expenses during the trip.


Most recently, a large manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin products has adopted Quadrant Software’s SAP Connector, QuadraConnector. With QuadraDocV5 (integrated with QuadraConnector), this producer will be able to route and manage order acknowledgements, PO’s, invoices/credit memos, and accounts payable check stubs all from within SAP applications. By automating these documents, cost and time reduction will lead to significant growth to meet higher demands with more efficient output.


As we see again, the success of corporations stretches beyond consumer demand, and into all corners of business processes including efficiency.  In order to maximize profit, all divisions of your business operations need to be optimized in a similar way.

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