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Modernization, FoIP and Document Output Management Solutions for IBM i



Whether your faxes are inbound, outbound, or based in a PC or terminal, FastFax has the security and reliability you need. FastFax eliminates the dependency on stand-alone fax machines, client-based fax solutions, and separate fax solutions for your different computing platforms. Send, receive, route, and manage mission-critical documents from within familiar business applications. Quadrant Software's FastFax IBM i (iSeries) solutions combine an almost non-existent learning curve with absolute security and centralized systems management to maximize your time and money savings.

FastFax Solution


FastFax / Enterprise

A single fax management solution to fulfill all of your LAN and IBM i (iSeries) based fax needs. FastFax/Enterprise is the only turnkey fax solution that handles all fax traffic from one central location. Inbound, outbound, PC or terminal based, FastFax/Enterprise has the security and reliability required for the most demanding environments.


FastFax / LAN

This automated fax solution transmits, receives, and manages all fax activity with client/server applications running on your Windows or Novell NetWare network. FastFax/LAN supports complete automation, management, and integration of fax messaging with email and business applications running on your network.


FastFax / Ultra

An advanced hardware and software solution, FastFax/Ultra supports complete fax integration with your line of business applications running on the IBM i. This automated fax solution transmits, receives, and manages all of your fax activity.

"Using the FastFax system, I estimated that we have avoided 30,000 trips to the fax machine this year. There are many hours of work in there."
Mike Nichols, Prince Castle

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Want to go virtual? QuadraDocV is our virtual version of FastFax, click here to learn more.